Bjorn Bunk Bed

We’re Loving… The Bjorn Bunk Bed

When it comes to bunk beds, few can compete with the Bjorn Bunk Bed. Made by Loki & Co, this versatile bunk bed is ideal for kids from 6 years and upwards. The bed is designed to easily fit the matching Bjorn Computer Desk that is sold separately. Whether your little one prefers to sleep on the upper bunk or use this area as an elevated mini-lounge, the Bjorn Bunk Bed offers a number of layout options along with a sturdy design and a neutral colour that allows it to easily blend into just about any decor style.

Why We Adore the Bjorn Bunk Bed

What makes the Bjorn Bunk Bed a winner in our books? For starters, here are just a few things that we love about this modern kid’s bunk…

It saves space.

We're Loving The Bjorn Bunk Bed - Space Saving

Bunk beds, in general, are ideal for smaller bedrooms, as they can easily accommodate two children in a single bed. This bunk will work in even the smallest of bedrooms, fitting sleep, relaxation and homework zones into a single area. At a height of 160cm, the bunk will fit into most standard rooms. The bunk is 219cm in length and up to 94cm in width, making it compact and neat. If your child’s bedroom lacks space for a desk, this bunk is sure to offer a space-savvy solution that does not feel cramped.

It’s versatile and practical.

We're Loving The Bjorn Bunk Bed - Versatile Layout

Another major benefit of the bed it is versatility. This bed gives kids the option of having a classic raised bed with space below for a table or desk and a three quarter or single bed. Without a desk added, a double bunk can easily fit beneath the upper bunk. The upper level can be used for sleepovers, or it can become a lounge area. The bed can even be used in a shared sibling room. The ladder has three possible positions, while the safety rail is also adjustable.

It is designed to last.

We're Loving The Bjorn Bunk Bed - Sturdy Design

This bed is made of high quality materials, with a melamine wrap that is resistant to corrosion, water and high temperatures. The classic wood grain and white finish is simple and practical, working well in any decor style and colour scheme. The base is solid and sturdy, providing full bunk bed safety at all times.

If you’re looking for a bed that will grow with your child from their early years all the way through to their teens, this bed is sure to tick all of your boxes. Check out the Bjorn Bunk Bed online to find out more about this trendy kid’s bunk bed.

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