Week 2: Top Trends for Kids Decor 2016

This week we are all about the naturals. So whether you have a boy or a girl, this look is so timeless and can be dressed up or down depending on your child’s personality.

As predicted by decor expert and interior designer, Anna van Dongen, bringing nature into the home will be a strong trend in 2016 – from the use of plants and living walls, to horticulture inspired fabrics and wallpapers. According to van Dongen another major trend will be combining natural materials such as wood, stone, and cork. Combinations will vary from classic ones such as wood and marble to more unconventional ones such as raw concrete and gold. Simplicity of form will be key in the way each material will be mixed together.

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Herewith some of our post popular Neutral and Natural products:

leander-cot-bed-white-wash black-raindrops-rug Leander-Cradle-Main sitting-lamp-main firenze-chair-edited calvin-bed-edt push-toy-bunny

circle-cork-board-pin-board small-house-wooden-box-white

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