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We Love: Velvet Dreams

Velvet isn’t just for royals anymore.

Historically known as a rich, expensive fabric that is plain on the back and silky smooth and thick on the front and often used to describe something soft.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Something you’d love to add to your little prince and princesses room? Us too! That’s why we have a whole variety of velveteen dreams for you to add to your child’s room.

Velveteen is our version of velvet, the same silky soft and glamorous feel, but it is made from cotton, making it more environmentally friendly and less pricey. To us, that sounds like an excellent choice. For you, your kids, the earth and your wallet

Velvet Star Scatter
Velvet Star and Round Scatters by Bunni

From nursery to toddler to tween rooms, our velvets can grow with the room and your child.

Add a (silky soft) touch of regalness to the nursery with our brand new Velvet Cot Bumpers, available in four royal colours.

Bunni Emerald Green Velvet Cot Bumper Cover
Bunni Emerald Green Velvet Cot Bumper Cover

Our Bunni Round and Star Scatters are our best – sellers when it comes to nurseries, and it’s understandable, really. Who wouldn’t love to wake up in a room filled with rich luxuriously soft surroundings, that count as decor?

The colours are easy to pair and the deep, rich tones turn any room into the royal room your little one deserves!

Images: The Nestling Girls.

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