Trends We Love: Desaturated Colours

Soft, desaturated colours have been all the rage this past year in kids’ decor and fashion. Rooms with destaurated colour palettes not only look beautiful, but will also have a calming and soothing effect on your little one. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite decor items to help you easily create a desaturated colour scheme in your child’s room. 

Desaturated colour schemes are known to have a calming effect on children.


Our reversible Rebel Bedding Set by Bunni is the perfect addition to any desaturated colour palette for boys or girls rooms. The soothing dark grey front and light grey back go perfectly with desaturated pinks, blues or any other neutral colour schemes.

Rebel Grey Duvet Set
Rebel Grey Duvet Set by Bunni



We have a huge range of stunning new machine-washable rugs in various desaturated colours from Lorena Canals! From a dusty pink to vintage blue and petroleum, the options are endless! We love the Vintage Nude Tie-Dye rug – the soft subtle pink hue makes a beautiful addition to any girls room or baby nursery.

Tie-Dye Rug - Vintage Nude Pink
Tie-Dye Rug – Vintage Nude Pink



No atmosphere is complete without the perfect ambient lighting to match. Our Chrome Tri Table Lamp will fit in perfectly to any destaurated colour scheme with it’s cool, silvery metallic finish and will make everything surrounding it pop!

Tri Table Lamp - Chrome
Tri Table Lamp – Chrome


Every child needs a teepee in their room to play, relax  and read in! Our brand new Nude Pink Teepee Playtent by Bunni is the perfect desaturated pink and will tie the room’s soothing colour palette together easily.

Bunni Nude Pink Teepee
Bunni Nude Pink Teepee

Accent Wall

An accent wall is the best way to pull an entire room together – our Watercolour Moon Decal by Bunni is a quick and easy way to create an accent wall with a calming, desaturated feeling.

Watercolour Moon Decal
Watercolour Moon Decal in Light Grey by Bunni


We have a large range of different decor accessories in destaurated colours to complete your new look! Our Vintage Blue Tie-Dye Wall Hanging is a firm favourite and looks absolutely beautiful in nearly any space!

Tie-Dye Wall Hanging - Vintage Blue
Tie-Dye Wall Hanging – Vintage Blue

Are you a fan of the deasturated colour palette? Have a look at some of our favourite desaturated kid’s rooms on our Pinterest Board.






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  1. Where do you get those pom pom balls hanging from the bed, it’s so beautiful

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