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“Researchers have found that regardless of culture, people gravitate to images of nature. Our inborn affiliation for nature may explain why we prefer to live in houses with particular views of the natural world” The Guardian

Our need to connect with nature is intrinsic, whether we are young or old. It’s something that we all crave in one way or another. 

Bring Nature To Your Kids’ Spaces

Many people living in buzzing cities want to invite nature into their surroundings. An ideal way to bring nature into your child’s space is through an element of ‘play’. Think along the lines of Teepee’s for the kids to play in, soft sheepskins and character or nature inspired scatters. This is representative of what it’s like to be outdoors. Little play-fires are great for stoking their imagination and safe spaces help create quiet time.


Invest in some wooden shelving & decor for your kids walls. Hexagon shelves, teepee shelves, leather strap shelves or even home made solid wood or plywood shelves are a great way to display cute decor items, favourite toys, little plants or characters in your kids room whilst bringing in that wood element.

kids wall shelves

A couple of nature inspired decals go a long way to creating interest and pattern, and if you feel ever so slightly artistic then why not paint your own mountain landscapes? Add some decorative details such as raindrops or clouds and you have a setting that is sure to inspire.

Decals for kids rooms

Looking for more Adventure inspired goodies? We have created a gorgeous range inspired by camping and the rugged outdoors.

Some more tips to connect with nature:

  • Plan Adventures

In combination with bringing nature indoors also try to plan ‘nature days’ as a family. This could be in the form of camping, having a picnic or going for a hike. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes adventure is just around the corner.

  • Disconnect Digitally

A smart way to inspire a nature focused lifestyle is by disconnecting to all devices on a weekly basis. For instance, on Sundays from 12pm – 8pm you should switch off your phone and enjoy the outdoors. The family would be able to connect with each other without distractions, and this will create a valuable bond for family interactions.

  • Get Crafty

Nature is full of textures and materials. Instead of buying stickers and glitter inspire your kids to use what’s available in nature for their artwork. Not only will this spark their creativity, but it will help them explore all the items available.


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