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We are obsessed with the emerald trend at the moment. There, I said it.
It all started when we developed our ‘into the woods theme’ a few months back and now our office, our mood boards and our minds are hazes of beautiful and deep green textures and materials!
Traditionally known as a royal colour, we have incorporated it with velvets, I mean how much more regal can one kid get! 

Fast forward three months and here we are, I’m cuddling a luxuriously soft emerald velvet scatter while I type and our designer is making more Get The Looks for you! Give the people what they want and that… (have you seen the domesticated Jungle Look, the classic, but trendy Aztec Boho look and the oh-so-enchanting Emerald Forest look?)

velvet emerald scatters
Velvet Emerald Scatters

What’s all the fuss about, though? Well, other than it’s an extraordinary colour and it’s wonderfully enigmatic, it is easy to pair. For a laid back look, pair with naturals – which are all the rage right now. Think natural belly baskets, a seagrass rug and furniture with an oak finish.

Emerald just screams, nay, sings ‘elegance’ and while it’s fit for a castle, it is found everywhere around us in nature so you won’t tire of it quickly.


Cembra Charcoal Wallpaper
Cembra Charcoal Wallpaper

As with everything you don’t have to go all out, just a few pops of colours and textures here and there. Although, have you seen how stunning an all-out wall can be…

Create a magical place for your little one to dream, hideaway, read or let their imagination take them on a journey with an emerald canopy or teepee. The canopies are available in solid material for that reading nook or in a breathable netting for babies creating a whimsical feel.

Pair velvety scatters with white, gold and wooden pieces for a lavish look. The great thing about emerald is that you effortlessly achieve an impressive look and feel, without trying. Or worse, without it looking like you’re trying! (oh, anything but that!)

Hanging Tent Canopy - Netting - Emerald Green
Hanging Tent Canopy – Netting – Emerald Green

Images by: Grand Little Adventure

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