Top trends in kids’ bedrooms for 2016.

Follow us as we discuss the top trends for kids’ bedrooms this year. We will be delving into a new trend each week. Enjoy our recent post covering the pantone colours for 2016 and how you can apply it to your child’s room.

Trend Topic: Add some Pastel

This year pastels continue to be a popular colour scheme for baby and children’s rooms. According to Lily Dunn, freelance blogger at Modernize these soothing hues hit the perfect balance between a playful and calming mood since they brighten a space without being harsh or overwhelming and more recently, though, we’ve been seeing a trend of neutrals—most often associated with a “grown-up’s” aesthetic—turning up in children’s rooms.

Have a look at some of our favourite pastel rooms on Pinterest

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A  kid’s room should be able to withstand considerable wear and tear. That is why we have the lovely Lorena Canals 100% cotton washable rug range that will add the final touch to your colour pallet and withstand paint, clay and mud.

Growing kids need rooms that fit their changing needs. Whether you’re decorating a nursery for your first baby, designing a kid’s room in a new home, or looking to upgrade an existing room for a child who’s outgrowing their space, we’ve got the furniture, bedding and decor you need.

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