Top Tips to Get Kids to Bed

Do you remember the bedtime sleep struggle from when you were little? Feeling forced to close your eyes and fighting the urge with every inch of your being? The benefits of a good sleeping pattern cannot be denied. Now you might be at a point where you have to ‘enforce’ the same bedtime rules with your little ones. We share some of the best bedtime tips for both you and your toddler.

No Light Time at Night Time

A great way to prepare both yourself and your kids for sleep – is by avoiding the stimulating screen of the television, tablet or smartphone. Instead, take your child to their bedroom or a room where you can dim the lights and read them a magical bedtime story that would take them straight from wonderland to dreamland.

Keep it Consistent

There needs to be a certain routine in place when it comes to your child’s sleeping patterns. Stick to the same bedtime during the weekdays and alternate them a bit to suit your social life over the weekends. The consistency will help your kid understand that it’s not negotiable and will help them understand ‘why’ they need to go to bed.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Consider your little one’s room from their perspective. What stimuli are present, how much light is entering the room and what noises can they hear? Toys being visible, too much or too little light and the scary sounds from your late night series can really influence their relationship with sleep and their own bedroom at night time.

Individualised Bedtimes

Research the best sleeping times for certain ages and how much sleep children need. Each child is different and finding the balance between what you want, and what they want might be best. A night owl will stay a night owl, and an early riser an early riser. Try to work with these variables, creating the best routine.

Reward Good Behaviour

Most people tend to work harder at achieving goals when there is an incentive involved. Try to reward your kids for sticking to their sleep routines. It could be small things like stickers, breakfast treats or outings. Try not to use these rewards as threats for not sleeping, so that there is a positive connotation to sleep and bedtime.

By implementing these easy tips you will quickly reach success when putting your children to bed so that you do not have to spend the next ten years falling asleep next to them when it’s  their bedtime.


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