The Positive Influence of Local Decor Designers

It’s no surprise that Cape Town, South Africa was named Design Capital of the World back in 2014. Since then, it’s been flourishing non-stop. South Africa is a country rich with culture, passion, and talent – so it’s only natural that local decor designers will make their mark on society. Let’s take a look at the positive influence supporting local creatives has.

Appreciation for Culture

When you are faced with a product created by a local designer, it’s great to recognise something of your culture or heritage in the piece. Supporting local designers allows us to celebrate where we come from and use these pieces as symbols of appreciation in our homes. Local designers have the skill to incorporate functionality and form in a piece that speaks volumes about his/her heritage or societal influences.

Local Job Creation

Another positive influence of local decor and furniture designers is that they contribute to job creation. It’s not long before talented local designers become a trend in South Africa. As their businesses grow, they will need to employ some people to help out. Local decor designers then look for local help and talent which in effect helps the entire South African economy.

International Exposure

Once a new local designer’s brand starts buzzing, their work will spread across the waters. International exposure will not only boost their business success, but it will further secure South Africa as one of the most influential design countries. Local designers will be able to showcase their work all over the world should they receive support locally.

They Know the Consumer

Since the local designers understand the current climate, available materials and economic state of the country the hail from – they will be able to design products that are specifically suited for the consumer. Local designers understand the limitations within their immediate market and are also able to provide the solutions for ‘niche’ problems within the area. That’s the superpower of the local designer – understanding the needs of the consumer and creating a product that satisfies this need, not to mention that the SA design aesthetic is playful by nature and perfectly suited to modern kids bedroom interiors!

Some of our Favourite Local Designers include: 

Pedersen & Lennard

Fox and Moon

Photo Blox 


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