The Magical Influence of Water on Kids

As you know, we cannot survive without water, our bodies are made up of more than 70% of water – but we tend to forget all the other magical properties of this liquid. This article takes a look at how being engaged with water can benefit your little one:

It Releases Energy

Playing with water by splashing, kicking and swimming is not only  a good physical energy release for your child but en emotionally beneficial one too. You can see this behaviour with little ones engaging with water in a splash pool, it’s both calming and invigorating – depending on how the water is used. It’s a great way for kids to blow off steam while exploring what their bodies are capable of in water.

It Can Be Therapeutic

Although water play can be a busy activity, it can also be a tranquil interaction. Think of running your hands through the liquid, creating waves or ripples or gently floating with your ears under the water. The nature of the activity is calming and relax. The same goes for a warm bath that helps kids gather their thoughts and calm down before bedtime or drinking a glass of water to calm your child down when they are feeling angry.

It Helps Develop Skills

Engaging with water will help your kids develop both their gross and fine motor skills. Think of the way little babies start engaging with water from a very young age, it’s part of their awareness and curiosity that lead to using their senses to interact with this substance.

Scooping and pouring water from one container to the other also helps with fine motor skills in a variety of ways. Swimming is, of course, a big winner in developing core strength, coordination, and stamina for your little one’s gross motor skills development. This helps them cross the midway to develop healthy brain hemisphere integration.

It Creates Social Interaction

Another one of the benefits of water play for kids is the social interaction that comes with it. Playing with water might give them the opportunity to make new friends, learn new games, and consider the other person occupying the physical space around them.

It Stimulates Creativity

Water activities can be used to stimulate the creativity and imagination of your kids. Look out for some interesting Youtube videos on how magnetic fields can make water bend, how sound waves interact with water and how water particles crystalise into beautiful symmetrical shapes.

Think about how you can include other objects with water play such as dinosaurs, boats, different textured toys and even add colour and bubbles during bath time. This will inspire kids to combine different experience and make them wonder about all the possibilities out there; stimulating their investigations.

There are numerous ways in which your kids can engage with water, try them out one by one to find the ones your kids are most comfortable with, whether it’s busy work or calming play. Apart from aiding our bodies and assisting with health, water really does have magical properties that influence the growth and development of our kids.

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