The Best Motivation for Kids During Exam Time

It’s the end of another term again and while you may already be planning a relaxing Winter break, your kids are going through the another stressful time of the year. Exams.

Instead of allowing the exams to create havoc, follow these tips for the best motivation for kids during exam time.

Create a Study Space

A great way to switch to ‘study mode’ at home, is to create a specific study space. This way, your kids will be inclined to study in this area, but will experience ‘freedom’ in the rest of the home. Allowing them to switch on and off in the various spaces. Choose the most quiet room in the house and make it as distraction free as possible. Include ample desktop space for books and provide all the necessary tools to inspire great learning such as colourful pens, nice paper, rulers and stencils. Make sure your child sits on a proper chair which supports the correct posture or invest in an ergonomically designed chair.

Provide a Healthy Diet

Bodies function best when they are provided with healthy food sources that include vitamins and minerals that promote good concentration. In addition, look for supplements that assist brain function and be sure to provide lots of fresh filtered water to keep them hydrated. Ensuring regular healthy and regular eating patterns will go a long way to helping your child get the best out of their study time.

Award Great Discipline

A great motivator during exams is a reward system. Reward good behaviour and study sessions with social sessions or even activities during the holidays to follow. This will attach a positive feeling towards studying, other than just rewarding good marks – which will have them fear their results and feel anxious while studying.

Understand their Study ‘Language’

Not all kids study in the same way. So telling them to just ‘sit down and study’ might not be the best approach. Before the exam sessions start, ask them when and how they feel they get the best work done. Even if you don’t understand their methods find ways in which you can be supportive. This will be a much bigger motivator than forcing them to do something a certain way, which they already feel won’t be working. Some kids learn best by moving their bodies, some learn through visual or auditory methods- so be sure to support their particular learning modalities.

Create a Family Routine

This is crucial especially if you have kids of different ages. Exam time should be a family effort, and there’s nothing worse than seeing your little brother or sister playing outside while you are stuck inside with 10 chapters to go. Try to establish a healthy family routine during these weeks that will accommodate all the family members.

Change the Subject

Of course exams are on everyone’s mind, but this only adds additional stress on your child’s performance. Discuss other topics and interests and encourage them to socialise when there is time. This will prevent them from feeling overwhelmed and might even inspire them to ‘decide’ that they want to return to the books.

Share Your Own Experiences

If done correctly, sharing your personal exam experiences can be comforting to your kids. They might feel pressured because of your perceived expectations of them. Show compassion by letting them know that you also stressed and felt anxious when you had to study, and that it is completely normal. As long as they do their best, you will be proud of them and they should be proud of themselves as well.

These are just a few ways in which you can create a positive, motivational exam experience for yourself and your kids. If you have some clever tips in keeping your kids motivated during the dreaded exams, please share in the comment section below.

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