Your Teens’ Life Made Simpler With 4You By VOX

Your teens’ life is about to get a whole lot simpler with the 4You range. I remember as a teenager how important my own space was to me. My own little haven where I could go to after a tough day at school, where I could just relax and let my hair down. I had spent most of my younger years sharing a bedroom with my sister, but my parents knew that when 13 came around that I would need my own space to express my individuality. In this piece, I take you on a similar journey with a modern twist as I show you how 4You by VOX celebrates teen individuality through innovative furniture design that is multi-functional and contemporary in style. 

Time For Teens To Rise & Shine In Comfort

As I hit the awkward age of 13, I sprouted out in length. With growing pains in mind, my mattress and bed fell a bit short, to say the least. Unfortunately in the late 90’s 4You wasn’t around to save me from countless nights of sleeping in the fetal position, often leading to grumpy mornings and teenage tantrums. My mom handled it very well, I have to commend her on that.

Luckily for teens today, we have come a long way with the 4You Canopy Bed. The bed brings another level of comfort to your teen’s bedroom. The bed has a modern design with a higher back panel to create a daybed, and the beautiful wooden canopy can be draped for a dreamy atmosphere. And what stands out, especially for me being the tall being that I am, is the extra length mattress that the bed houses. So your teen can sleep comfortably and rise and shine every day. 

Vox 4You Canopy Bed Teens Bedroom
Vox 4You Canopy Bed

The bed can be mounted in two separate positions, on the floor or a bit higher to allow for storage underneath. For additional functionality, you can purchase the 4You Storage Drawer to accommodate sporting gear, books or shoes.

4You Canopy Bed For Teens4You Canopy Bed For Teens

Freedom To Express Their Individuality

As a high school teenager, my room was where I could express who I was. Displaying my favourite things and my own personal style was very important to me, as it is with millennial teenagers of today. Millennials thrive on individuality and 4You celebrates this.

The 4You Cupboard works brilliantly as a storage and display unit for your teens’ bedroom. Different sized items can easily be stored in this cupboard with its functionally divided interior. It is asymmetrically divided so your teen can display their favourite keepsakes and modern gadgets in the open spaces. It has two high shelves, one with a spacious easy-slide drawer, and a classic drop-down cabinet containing different-sized storage areas. The bottom shelves have silent closing system doors and additional shelving space.

4You Cupboard

If your teen is an avid reader, the 4You Tall Side Wall Bookcase has a slim-line design that fits in beautifully into any bedroom. They can display their beloved literary works in style here along with all their school books for easy reach when studying is called upon. As a teen, I was an avid night time reader, and you could often find a stack of books on my nightstand. With the 4You Storage Boxes, you can create a unique nightstand solution that offers storage for your kids night time reading and so much more and it looks sleek and stylish too.

4 You Storage Boxes for Teens
4 You Storage Boxes

Make Studying Convenient And Comfortable

With the aim being to get into a good university, a comfortable space to study was of the utmost importance for me. I would come home and plan out my mind-maps and get into study mode at my desk and I often found that I was’t inspired to work at a nice desk. Today, sleek design is no longer an issue for your teen with the 4You Dressing Table/Desk combo.

Teens 4You Dressing Table/Desk
4You Dressing Table/Desk


The 4You Dressing Table/Desk comes as a combination unit along with the 4You Low Chest of Drawers, which can be used to create an innovative office nook within your teens’ bedroom. Offering them just enough space to do their best work. Different sized items can easily be displayed in the 4You Low Chest of Drawers. It has three spacious drawers on high-quality slide rails which means they will open easily even when heavily loaded. The open cube shelf can display decorative items such as books and collectibles, and the other cube is closed by a little door equipped with a silent closing system.

4You Dressing Table/Desk & 4You Low Chest Of Drawers Combo Unit

The 4You Dressing Table/Desk fits perfectly on top of the 4You Low Chest of Drawers and can be positioned at a 108 degree angle or 90 degree angle. The 180 degree angle allows the desk to be slid in and out as the need arises. What this means for you and your teen is that you get to optimise on space within your teens’ bedroom simply and easily.

Teens Bedroom

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