Summer Fun Memories With Our Teepees

With summer well on its way and the holidays approaching, we cannot help but get excited about spending days at the beach and playtime at home with the kids. With many memories to build, we cannot think of a better companion than our selection of teepees. With so many colourways and styles to choose from, your kids will have plenty of fun creating special memories with you and their friends.

New Colours Of The Summer Season

If you have been following us on Facebook and Instagram @cleverlittlemonkey, you will have noticed that we are in love with the new colours of this season. Colours like vintage nude pink, petroleum and ice blue have been incorporated across our kid’s bedrooms and baby nursery decor items. With this in mind, we thought it appropriate to give you a teepee selection that matches the look this summer. Here are the new colourways we are sure you will want to have in your space.

Vintage Nude Pink For Girls

Bunni Nude Pink Teepee
Bunni Nude Pink Teepee

Who said that your little lady’s teepee shouldn’t make a style statement? This beautiful shade of nude pink is all the craze right now around the world for kid’s bedrooms and baby nurseries. This colour brings a sense of softness to your little one’s space that only can be described as serene and calm.  We’ve built the look around the beautiful Trace Rug in Vintage Nude Pink from Lorena Canals, this rug is made from 100% cotton and fully machine-washable – making it the perfect teepee companion as you don’t have to worry about playtime spills. Furthermore, our beautiful Velvet Scatters in dusty and vintage nude pink complement the look perfectly. And to bring added charm, we used the Wood Rose Pom Pom Garland from Lorena Canals to bring the look together.

Ice Blue For Boys

Bunni Ice Blue Teepee - Summer
Bunni Ice Blue Teepee

Cool, calm, serene and right on point for boy’s bedrooms and play areas this summer. The Ice Blue Teepee brings a beautiful soft element to your little one’s space. Let them play to their heart’s content indoors and outdoors. As with all of our teepees, they are easy to fold up and pop into the back of your car. Take them to the beach or the park and have them styling with their Ice Blue Teepee – not only is it fun, but it provides some shade from our South African summer sun. Paired here with our white Sheep Skin Rug for ultimate comfort and styled with our midnight blue Velvet Scatters and the Clubhouse Scatter Set from Kideroo. What’s a teepee without a blanket? The Bubbly Blanket from Lorena Canals adds to the softness of the setting and is a comfortable nap time buddy for your little one. We foresee lots of camp outs this holiday season.

Gender Neutral Petroleum

Bunni Petroleum Teepee - Summer
Bunni Petroleum Teepee

Boys and girls alike will love our Petroleum Teepee. The colour itself can be described as rich, luxurious and oh so versatile. Versatile in the sense that it can be incorporated into so many bedroom styles. The colour speaks volumes to room makeovers this season, picture an accent wall in petrol to balance your kid’s space. The ideas are endless. Paired once again with our white Sheep Skin as the base of comfort, our petroleum and seafoam Velvet Scatters brings cohesion to the look and out Kitty Tail Scatter adds a touch of quirkiness, with the Lorena Canals Pom Pom Garland in vintage blue bringing it all together. And for easy storage, our golden  Belly Baskets are always a winner.

Wide Selection To Choose From

Besides the new teepees we have added to our selection, we have a wide variety for you to choose from. Our teepees are versatile and can be taken anywhere with you. Be it a casual day at the beach or on your family holiday, our teepees are light, easy and perfect for summer fun. Which one is your favourite?

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