Space saving bunk beds

Merging Storage and Sleep: Space Saving Bunk Beds

Space saving bunk beds that allow more space in kids bedrooms for important things such as play and study are all the rage.

The Adventure range of space saving bunk beds introduce a new look of warm wooden texture paired with clean white to the kids bedroom scene. Ideal for girls and boys ages 6 and up.

“These top quality, sturdy bunks will completely change the way kids use their bedrooms. Children love sleeping at the top and having their friends lounge around on the bottom bed”, says Yulande Roxburgh, CEO of Clever Little Monkey, the SA distributor of these bunks.

Clever shelving allows for children to place their favourite books and personals that they want close to them within arm’s reach. Whilst dual placement options on the bottom bed of the L bunk caters for the versatility that most parents are looking for.

Space saving bunk beds have always been a firm favourite with kids, and with today’s modern designs and clever storage spaces kids and parents get much more bang for their buck. Not to mention that with the latest security standards parents can be assured that there won’t be any snapping ladders or their children’s arms won’t get stuck in between the slats. Solid base boards ensure a sleek finish from every angle.

The new Adventure bunk beds come in 3 options: two singles with underbed, single at the top with double at the bottom and two singles in L shape or parallel configuration with wardrobe. All 3 options include built in shelving. This new range of honest aesthetically pleasing bunks will cater to every bedroom requirement.

Clever Little Monkey is not only SA’s most renowned online store for kids products but prides itself on also being a wholesaler and distributor of top international brands such as Leander, Flexa, Sebra and Vox.

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