We Just Launched Our Signature Linen Collection

 Spring is in the air, it’s time to open those curtains, get new baby and kids bedding, and add some luxury and style to the room.

Now? Yes, now!

We have just launched a new range, our Signature Linen Collection and it’s making us feel closer to fresh flowers, sunny days and happiness!

Bunni Signature Linen Collection
Bunni Signature Linen Collection

The Signature Linen Collection is our exclusive Bunni, luxury linen range, because why do babies and kids need to be skimped on when it comes to bedtime? They spend more time in bed and sleeping, after all…
Made from 100% cotton, the material is not stentered and washed giving it a fresh, comfy, soft and kind-of-creasy-but-not-too-much feel and don’t even get me started on the look… beach house relaxation meets crispy 5-star hotel luxury.

New bedding is great, but new baby and kids bedding…that’s what’s going to make you smile and go ‘awww!’ like these colours will.

What makes our Signature collection so exclusive? Well other than the beautiful colours that are exclusive to Clever Little Monkey, it’s the comfort and quality.
Without getting too technical, ‘the higher the thread count, the better the quality’ is now just a thing of the past, thanks to mass production and large factories, where other fabrics can be woven into the same weaves as percale and sateen. Our Signature linen is not percale or sateen, but rather made from 100% high-quality cotton, which is fluffier and woven in a herringbone weave. A thread count is not applicable to a herringbone weave or this luxuriously soft collection. Rest assured and comfortably, our linen has that has gone the extra length, literally, for a softer and more luxurious feel.

The Signature Collection by Bunni has three signature colours, exclusive to Bunni: Dusty Rose, Misty Grey and Dusky Blue. It’s as magical as it sounds. See our mood board below to see how perfectly the colours work together:

Signature Linen Collection baby and kids bedding


Along with our charming bedding, we have wall pockets in our signature colours too! You know how everyone has that one exact and organised friend… that’s the wall pocket!

Keep everything neat, tidy and packed away within reach. Hang the wall pocket, or organiser on the wall by the play table, on the cot or above the compactum. It’s so versatile, so pretty and so functional.

The wall pocket isn’t just the organised friend in need is a friend indeed, but also a lifelong friend, as you can use it for your newborn, your toddler or even yourself. Store anything from nappies, lotions, books, crayons and toys to your bits and bobs!


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