Redefine Your Kids’ Bedroom with VOX

Redefine your kids’ bedroom with VOX furniture ranges designed with the modern parent and child in mind. Long gone are the days of kids being placed into gender boxes with blues for boys and pinks for girls. VOX’s new designs answer the questions parents have so desperately been asking for ages. Questions pertaining to storage, functionality, durability, and practicality. Let’s face it, in our modern day and age the needs of kids have increased exponentially. Let’s look at how VOX’s intelligent furniture design can inspire your kids’ to be themselves and think outside the box.

Give Your Kids’ Bedroom a Contemporary Look

The VOX Concept range incorporates a modern contemporary look into your kids’ bedroom. The design focusses on small nuances that make a big difference in the daily lives of the growing child. The Concept Single Bed has been specially designed with the reading child in mind. Your child can spend hours on a good book or enjoy watching their favourite series on their laptop in bed. Add the Concept Headboard Bolster for added support.

VOX Concept Kids' Bedroom

VOX Concept Dresser for your Kids' Bedroom


The Concept Dresser offers ample storage for your kids’ clothes, toys and the things that are important to them. The white frame has three large drawers for clothing, an open shelf to help them display their favourite things and one cabinet with shelving inside for added storage capability.




VOX Concept Pedestal for your Kids' Bedroom




The Concept Pedestal allows for your kids’ to store their night time essentials, like their favourite books for reading or portable electronics for the avid gamer.







The Concept range is easy to clean as the surfaces are made from laminated wood which is resistant to damage and damp. Because of the solid oak wood legs that lift the furniture from the ground, it’s easy to clean underneath. With silicon tube finger holes blending into the colour front, it makes it easy for kids to utilise the furniture without parents having to worry about unwanted injuries.


A Clean-Lined Kids’ Bedroom

VOX 4You brings a dreamy clean-lined look to your kids’ bedroom. 4You is focussed on inspiring creativity, functionality and the perfect arrangement of space. Imagine a space where your kids’ can be well organised and enjoy the freedom that comes with creative play. The 4You range offers this effortlessly.

VOX 4You Kids' Bedroom

VOX 4You Dressing Table\Desk for your Kids' Bedroom



4You begs the question, “What’s in a Desk?”.  With education being a pivotal part of the daily lives of kids, a functional desk is imperative to them performing well at school. The 4You Dressing Table/Desk in combination with the 4You Low Chest of Drawers offers a perfect study nook solution for your kids’ bedroom. With ample storage functionality for all their study necessities, everything that they will need will be right at their fingertips. Different sized items can easily be stored, so no need to worry about bulky text books laying around.




After studying, a good night’s rest is important. The 4You Canopy Bed allows for your kids to be ushered off to dreamland in comfort. Its canopy design will inspire kids to be creative, let them drape a beautiful piece of fabric over it for that dreamy atmosphere. The 4You Canopy Bed also has two height adjustments, allowing for extra storage space below the bed or on the floor access for younger ones. The 4You Storage Drawer makes storage simple, neat and tidy and is available separately.

VOX 4You Storage Boxes for your Kids' BedroomLet your kids express themselves by showcasing their favourite books, albums and decorative pieces with the range of 4You Storage Boxes. Stack them together to create a unique shelving unit for your kids that is both practical and pleasing to the eye. Available in two sizes and different colours.




Elegance & Functionality Meet in Lori

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functional on so many levels, the VOX Lori collection will help your kids to remain well organised and ready to take on the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Lori collection’s distinctive graphite finish paired with its ingenious design allows for a unique look in your kids’ bedroom that is durable and multi-functional.

VOX Lori Kids' Bedroom

The Lori Single Bed has a beautiful oak headboard with hidden innovative functionality, with a storage shelf behind giving your kids room to place a nightlight and store the things that they may need effortlessly. This also allows for the bed to be placed in the middle of a room, giving you and your kids the freedom to place the bed where you really want it to go.

VOX Lori Nightstand for your Kids' Bedroom



The Lori Nightstand is the perfect partner to the Lori Single Bed, giving your kids ample storage space for their favourite comic books and portable devices.






For the avid kid reader, the Lori Triangular Bookcase can fit perfectly into any corner of your child’s bedroom and can be extended with the Lori Wide Bookcase for added book and decor storage.

VOX Lori Desk for your Kids' Bedroom



The Lori Desk has an innovative recess on the desktop that fits Large & Small Desktop Boxes for all of your kids’ study and creative essentials, helping them to remain organised so that they can deliver their best work.







The Lori Range brings a certain level of elegance to your kids’ bedroom that is unique and caters to the multi-functional needs of children today.

VOX Furniture is available exclusively through Clever Little Monkey and we will be launching voxfurniture.co.za on the 22nd of September 2017. Be sure to visit voxfurniture.co.za to download the VOX catalogue and sign up to our newsletter.

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