Raising Kind Kids: 5 Tips From Just A Mamma

Raising Kind Kids: 5 Tips From Just A Mamma

Raising kind kids is important. Even more so today, with social media and cyberbullying. As parents, we need to prioritise instilling values of mutual respect and love towards others in the hearts of our children.

5 Tips that have proven useful to us are:

Lead by example

Our girls keep a close eye on us, mimicking the behaviour they see. A seemingly innocent rant, quick morsel of gossip or sarcastic ridicule between “just us” actually opens the door to treating others as less.

It’s not about being perfect but rather about focusing on love, thinking before we speak and understanding that harsh, negative words tend to stick!

Learn to say sorry

While on the subject of “being perfect”… No one is. Our girls understand that we all make mistakes, acting out of anger – hurting one another.

Fixing this starts by saying sorry.

It takes strength to say “I’m sorry” and even more to forgive someone that hurt you. It’s our hidden superpower waiting to be unleashed and change the world.

Foster an attitude of gratitude

Desiring someone else’s life, their toys, the vacations they take and the pretty clothes they wear is easy. It all looks so much better than ours…

Although fabulous things are nice, true happiness lies within ourselves and can’t be bought or paid for. Learning to appreciate what you have and saying thank you daily will help to keep jealousy at bay.

Positive self-esteem matters

Most of the time insecurity lies at the core of unkind behaviour. We hide our own hurt by making others feel small, lashing out because we feel unsure.

Celebrate the unique aspects that make YOU who you are! Embrace so-called flaws. Encourage self-discovery and if something proves to be a challenge, that’s okay too.

With hard work and perseverance, all our dreams can become a reality (without needing to step on someone else).

Being compassionate is key to raising kind kids

Trying to understand someone else’s feelings and behaviour, putting ourselves in their shoes is difficult for most. We try to create teachable experiences that give the girls the opportunity to be compassionate.

  • Discuss possible reasons someone could be treating you poorly as well as ways you should react.
  • Take time to bless people less fortunate by donating toys and clothes, volunteering and lending a helping hand

Raising kind kids certainly isn’t an easy task. It takes time and practice but with the help of these 5 tips we have seen our girls react with kindness more often as these values become a part of their hearts.

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  1. Love this! If there is one important lesson we can impart, then it’s kindness. I just had a tote bag made saying “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” so it’s definitely top of mind. 💗

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