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The natural Sheepskin – Gold blankets for babies are specially tanned for exceptional comfort.



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Natural Sheepskin – Gold for Babies

The natural Sheepskin – Gold blankets for babies are specially tanned for exceptional comfort.

The secret lies in the porous structure of wool, the elasticity of wool, the ability of wool to absorb and evaporate moisture, as well as the mesh of wool fibres that create air pockets that ensure excellent thermal isolation.

For hundreds of years mothers have wrapped their babies in lambswool to keep them warm and dry. Today using lambskin as bedding is a modern application of this age-old wisdom. The lamb after all needs a coat to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, that will resist wet and dirt, and be thick and luxurious without being too heavy. All of these wonderful properties that protect the lamb can give the same comfort to your baby.

Tests have shown that surfaces with which a baby comes in contact are very important for their physical, functional and behavioral development. Babies easily settle into the warmth and comfort of natural lambskins and stay content. They cry less and sleep more. A study in England has proven that preterm and low birth weight babies grew faster, rested less fretfully and lost less body heat when on a lambswool rug.


  • Less likely to cause allergies in babies
  • Wool is a natural insulator keeping baby warm and cozy in cold weather
  • In hot weather wool absorbs moisture which is then released into the air, leaving baby drier and more comfortable


  • Limited pressure on baby’s body
  • Offers less pressure on the baby’s spine
  • Comfort in baby chairs


  • Wool is unique in that it’s high density of soft, springy resilient fibres, provide a cushion to distribute weight and relieve pressure at vulnerable points on the patient’s body
  • Wool fibres are individually held intact by a non-allergenic tanned sheepskin provide a therapeutic value that reduce friction and moisture, the primary causes of pressure sores


  • When used as an item of bedding, it is recommended that children under the age of one are positioned on their backs and the lambskin is covered with a sheet
  • Always follow safe sleeping practices recommended by local childcare researchers
  • However, as wool has superb insulation features, parents can generally use less clothing, less bedding and lower room temperatures to avoid overheating baby while sleeping
  • A daily airing keeps the lambskin fresh for baby
  • Small slightly soiled areas can be sponged off
  • When not in use for prolonged periods store in a cool place away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid using plastic bags as condensation could occur, especially in warm, humid conditions


  • Every sheepskin is different – there is no specific size, shape or thickness

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