Moba Moses Basket, Mattress & Lining


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The Moba Moses Basket, Mattress & Lining is hygienic, eco-friendly, safe & durable with contemporary ergonomic design.

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Unique Moba Moses Basket, Mattress & Lining

The creators of Moba moses basket felt that the time had come for the Moses basket to be updated to suit modern standards of quality and safety, and so Moba® was born!

Moba® combines the functionality of a traditional product with a contemporary design.

Each Moba moses basket comes with a luxury white cotton liner, sourced from one of the last remaining family run weaving mills in the UK. We have used 100% unlined brushed cotton, woven specially for Moba. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our bedding is of the highest standard.

The Moba mattress has a 3D knitted top cover that promotes air circulation which helps prevent overheating and maximises breathability for your baby. The mattress is lined with a breathable, water-repellent fabric which keeps the mattress interior fresh and clean and protects the mattress from fungal and bacterial contamination.

The Moba mattress is hypoallergenic and PVC free so it is perfect for babies with allergies. It can be machine washed at 60 degrees, which is the temperature that dust mites are killed and this helps prevent allergies such as asthma and eczema.

The Moba mattress is 70cm x 30cm and made in England. The quality is guaranteed and the product has a very low carbon footprint.

Moba® is:

  • Hygienic – it can be wiped clean
  • A uniform size
  • Eco-friendly – made from a recyclable material that is soft to touch
  • Safe & Durable – a tough product that will last from generation to generation
  • A contemporary ergonomic design
  • A safe product with features to maximise airflow and breathability for safety and comfort of baby
  • Moba is a registered and patented design and registered trademark
  • The product is hypoallergenic, non-toxic; UK-made and conforms to BSI EN1466 and FDA regulations


  • Ergonomically shaped handles with a soft grip for comfort which are strong and durable
  • Reinforced base for extra stability
  • Contemporary design available in a wide range of colours
  • Offers additional safety and comfort features; specially designed air holes to maximize airflow and ventilation
  • Made in the UK at an ISO approved factory


  • Length: 82cm
  • Height: 39cm
  • Width: 42cm
  • Weight: 2kg


  • Soft, tactile, synthetic material that is completely recyclable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA approved



Dimensions42 x 82 x 39 cm

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