Handwoven Cotton Rug – Cream


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The classic Handwoven Cotton Rug – Cream is 100% cotton, handwoven and proudly crafted in SA.

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100% Cotton Handwoven Rug

The classic Handwoven Cotton Rug – Cream is 100% cotton, handwoven and proudly crafted in SA.

Not only is this rug beautiful and stylish, but also a very practical choice for a child’s room or any living area with lots of traffic, since they are washable!


  • Proudly South African
  • Hand-crafted
  • Washable


  • Length: 195cm
  • Width: 160cm


  • Quality 100% cotton
Dimensions160 x 195 cm

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  • These cotton carpets are handwoven and hand dyed which means they need to be treated in a gentle fashion when it comes to washing, especially the first three occasions
  • The type of dyes are environmentally friendly and the colours will last as long as all the dos and dont’s of washing and drying the rugs are observed
  • Small rugs that can fit into a washing machine can be washed using a very gentle cycle; the spinning cycle in particular should be the most gentle one available
  • For all other multi-coloured rugs that are too large for a machine, we recommend either dry cleaning the carpet for the first two to three cleaning sessions
  • Alternatively, using a carpet cleaning machine with a very gentle suction application, cleaning one stripe at a time
  • The third option is to hand wash the carpet outside:
    • Lay it out on a flat surface in the garden, such as a garden table
    • Gently hose with cold water until the surface is wet
    • The washing detergent should be diluted in a jug of warm water to ensure that all the particles of washing detergent are fully dissolved
    • Using a sponge, apply the diluted washing liquid to the soiled areas and gently rub
    • Do not rub across different coloured stripes
    • Once a small section has been completed, rinse it off with a hose pipe, allowing the water to drain off the carpet immediately
    • Continue with the next section, constantly rinsing as you go along
    • Once the entire carpet has been cleaned and thoroughly rinsed, place the item in a suitable area where it can drain and dry – garden furniture or a series of washing lines will suffice
    • Take care not to let the carpet “bake” in the hot sun for days as this will affect the colour in due course


  • NEVER put a large multi-coloured mat in a bath of water to soak as the water is stagnant and if there are any loose dye particles left in the carpet they could attach themselves to other coloured stripes
  • NEVER apply undiluted washing detergent to the surface of the carpet since some of these detergents are very strong and will cause problems

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