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The Blue Point bed from the Point Range children’s furniture collection is a stylish single junior bed ideal for boys.

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The Blue Point bed from the Point Range children’s furniture collection is a stylish single junior bed ideal for boys. 

The bed can also be complemented with a wide range of matching Blue Point furniture including a wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and more. This bed is perfect for any boy’s bedroom, with the extra length of the bed providing for fast growing young sprites.

The Blue Point bed features a combination of white, blue and light wood to create a tasteful yet adorable bed that little ones will love while maintaining an understated and graceful appearance for adults. This bed is made using only the safest manufacturing techniques. The padded headboard is highly recommended for children as it provides comfort and support for reclining while reading in bed, and also protects them from banging their heads against the wall. Every edge and corner of the bed frame feature a 2mm layer of PVC making the edges safer and softer. The bed frame itself is made from a combination of E1 grade MDF and E1 grade high-density particle board. Thick panels make the bed sturdy and durable so that it stands up to the inevitable punishment that only children can inflict!


  • Padded headboard
  • Safe, soft edges
  • Durable, sturdy frame


  • Height: 96 cm
  • Length: 229 cm
  • Width: 101 cm


  • This product ships flat pack and requires assembly
  • An extra length mattress is required to accommodate the bed’s design and may be ordered additionally


  • Medium firm comfort
  • Traditional rotating mattress
  • 5 Multi-layer high-density foam
  • Fresché technology fabric for a more comfortable and durable mattress
  • Healthy sleep system
  • Minimal partner disturbance
  • Hygienic and anti-allergenic
  • Orthopedic support core
  • Maximum weight recommendation is 100kg


  • Height: 19cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • Width: 90cm


Dimensions101 x 229 x 96 cm

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This product is not intended for use in any other way than indicated on the assembly instructions. Incorrect use, playing, climbing or jumping on this furniture may result in damage to the components or injury to the child.


  • Please note that this product ships flat-pack and requires self-assembly by at least 2 persons
  • Please ensure that all fittings are in place and kept tightened at all times as loose fittings may result in injury or damage to the furniture
  • Please be aware of small parts which small children could swallow prior to assembly or plastic bags and other packaging that could suffocate or hurt small children
  • Do not attempt to move the furniture in an assembled state as structural damage may occur
  • Be sure to keep all fittings when moving as the same fittings may not be attainable at a later stage


  • Never tie anything to the bed as belts, cords, sashes, scarves or ropes can strangle a child
  • If replacement parts are needed, only use those from the original manufacturer; never substitute parts from a different bed
  • Get the right mattress and make sure it is the correct size and thickness for your model of bed
  • Keep the area under the bed clear of furniture, toys and other sharp objects
  • Check regularly to make sure the bed frame is sturdy and free from signs of wear and tear
  • Check that the mattress foundation is strong


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