Bird & Berry Cot Bed (incl Mattress)

by Clever Little Monkey - Furniture


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The Bird & Berry Cot Bed from the Kukuu designer furniture collection combines simple elegance with functionality.

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Convertible Bird & Berry Cot Bed (incl Mattress)

The Bird & Berry Cot Bed designed by Kukuu combines simple elegance with functionality.

Its sloped lines are a reminder that nature doesn’t think in straight lines. The basic element of the Bird & Berry collection is a stylised branch with berries onto which a bird lands.

The Bird & Berry Cot Cot Bed has a classic, minimalist look, as well as rounded corners and contrasting skew pieces creating a childlike atmosphere. The materials are eco-conscious and robust, and the natural fibre mattress with 100% cotton cover is included.

This is a  piece of furniture that comforts and nurtures the imagination of little ones. Additionally, this crib transforms into a neat toddler bed once your baby reaches the curious climbing stage. You can remove one side of the bed for easy access or transform it into a toddler bed with a guardrail for safety.


  • The bed changes form according to the child’s needs and age
  • Two adjustable mattress positions
  • Conversion kit included
  • Cot size – 137 x 74 x 93 cm
  • Delivered with a mattress -130cm x 70cm x 9cm
  • The mattress is made from anti-bacterial, natural fibre, the cover is made from 100% cotton, washable at 60°
  • Made in EU, in accordance with EU safety standards


  • Height: 93cm
  • Length: 137cm
  • Width: 74cm


  • Northern birch plywood and MDF (medium density fibreboard) 
  • Surface treated with non-toxic, water based finish


  • This product ships flat pack and requires assembly


  • Bedding and decor


Dimensions74 x 137 x 93 cm


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  • This product ships flat pack and requires self-assembly by at least 2 persons
  • Please follow the assembly instructions carefully – if you do not understand them please contact us or engage the services of an assembly team
  • Ensure that all fittings are in place and kept tightened at all times as loose fittings may result in child injury or damage to the furniture
  • Be aware of small parts or extra fittings which could be swallowed by small children prior to assembly or plastic bags and other packaging that could suffocate or hurt small children
  • Do not attempt to move the furniture in an assembled state as structural damage may occur
  • Be sure to keep all fittings when moving as the same fittings may not be attainable at a later stage
  • Please note that the lowest bed base position is the safest
  • Once baby can sit up you need to drop the cot base to the lowest setting
  • Once you have dropped the base to the lowest setting, remove the 4 support squares so that baby cannot use them to climb on


  • From the top of the bed base to the top of the cot sides should measure:
    • 600 mm when cot base is in lowest setting
    • 300 mm when cot base is in highest setting
  • The distance between the top of the mattress and cot sides must be no less than 500mm
  • The mattress must fit the cot firmly – any gaps at the ends and sides should be less than 25mm
  • Spaces between the bars of the cot must be between 45mm and 65mm; if the slats are more than 4.5 cm to 6.5 cm apart, the baby’s body can slide between the slats and the baby can suffocate
  • The four corner posts must not stick up more than 5mm
  • Screws and nails must not stick out
  • Cot ends must not have fancy cut outs
  • There must not be any bars, ledges or other footholds that an infant can use to climb out of the cot
  • The base of the cot must be firm, with no parts to collapse or bend when pushed down


  • Before placing your child in the cot, check the cot for any loose or missing parts, such as screws, bolts or mattress support hangers, and make sure all screws or bolts are securely tightened
  • Regularly check that the fastenings are tight and are working satisfactorily
  • Keep hanging mobiles well out of reach
  • Make sure the space above the cot is free of objects such as pictures or mirrors which could fall onto your child
  • Keep the cot away from windows, especially if the room is not on the ground floor
  • Never use electric blankets or hot water bottles for babies or young children
  • Remove loose plastic coverings from the mattress
  • Make sure the correct mattress size is used
  • Never put these things in a cot with your baby:
    • pillows, especially if your baby is under two
    • electric blankets or hot water bottles
    • toys, books or items that a growing baby can use to climb to the top of the sides or ends of the cot and fall
    • objects that could smother or strangle your baby
  • Do not use a cot which is broken

Changing from a cot to a bed

Children over 2 years are generally old enough to sleep in a toddler bed conversion so they can climb in (and out) easily and not fall out at night.