Spring Sale

Spring Sale

S P R I N G  F E V E R
Can you smell that?
No not the fresh flowers, not the rain.
We’re talking about that Spring Sale smell…

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  • Flant & Mungo 3 Drawer DresserQuick View

    Flant & Mungo 3 Drawer Dresser

    , Sale! R1,499 R995
  • Flant & Mungo BedQuick View

    Flant & Mungo Daybed w Storage Footend

    Sale! R4,199 R3,569
  • Flant & Mungo Kids Desk with 3 Drawer CabinetQuick View

    Flant & Mungo Kids Desk

    Sale! R2,430 R2,100
  • Loki Arctic White BedQuick View

    Loki Arctic White Bed

    Sale! R2,988R3,790
  • Loki Arctic White BookshelfQuick View

    Loki Arctic White Bookshelf

    Sale! R2,010 R1,690
  • Loki Arctic White Corner ShelfQuick View

    Loki Arctic White Corner Shelf

    Sale! R2,480 R1,990
  • Loki Daybed & Lorena Canals Bubbly Baby Blanket - Soft PinkQuick View

    Loki Arctic White Daybed

    Sale! R3,530 R2,999
  • Loki Woodgrain BedQuick View

    Loki Woodgrain Bed

    Sale! R2,988R3,238
  • Vox Spot Compactum & DeskQuick View

    Spot Compactum & Desk

    Sale! R6,690 R5,350
  • Spot Cot BedQuick View

    Spot Cot Bed

    Sale! R6,999 R5,599

Showing all 10 results