School Furniture Sale

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  • A+ Hollow BlocksQuick View

    A+ Hollow Blocks

    Sale! R1,550 R990
  • A+ Large Hollow BlocksQuick View

    A+ Large Hollow Blocks

    Sale! R3,290 R1,600
  • A+ Solid Wood BlocksQuick View

    A+ Solid Wood Blocks

    Sale! R1,890 R990
  • Birch Chair 30cmQuick View

    Birch Chair 30cm – set of 2

    Sale! R2,990 R1,500
  • Birch Rectangular Table 51cmQuick View

    Birch Rectangular Table 51cm

    Sale! R2,400 R990
  • Birch Round Table 51cmQuick View

    Birch Round Table 51cm

    Sale! R2,400 R990
  • Block Storage UnitQuick View

    Block Storage Unit

    Sale! R2,350 R990
  • Dress Up Storage UnitQuick View

    Dress Up Storage Unit

    Sale! R3,690 R990
  • Mirror & See-Through Coloured BlocksQuick View

    Mirror & See-Through Coloured Blocks

    Sale! R1,190 R700
  • Play Kitchen CupboardQuick View

    Play Kitchen Cupboard

    Sale! R2,690 R2,200
  • Play Laundry Room SetQuick View

    Play Laundry Room Set

    Sale! R2,750 R990
  • Play RefrigeratorQuick View

    Play Refrigerator

    Sale! R3,250 R1,350
  • Play StoveQuick View

    Play Stove

    Sale! R2,400 R1,900
  • Play TowerQuick View

    Play Tower

    Sale! R2,290 R1,900
  • Pull-Out Exhibition ShelfQuick View

    Pull-Out Exhibition Shelf

    Sale! R4,650 R2,990
  • Toddler 3 Compartment StorageQuick View

    Toddler 3 Compartment Storage

    Sale! R1,790 R1,400

Showing 1–16 of 21 results