Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds are not only every child’s dream, but also a brilliant space-saver.¬†Choose one of our bunks that offer smart storage solutions, an underbed, desk or even a wardrobe. There are various size options, including single, 3/4 and double sizes to accommodate room-sharing for siblings, or to make your child’s room all the friends’ favourite place to sleep over. Our selection of bunk beds include gorgeous designs from top international brands like Vox and New Joy, as well as premium quality bunk beds from the Clever Little Monkey House Brand.

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  • Adventure 3 Sleeper BunkQuick View

    Adventure 3 Sleeper Bunk

    From R8,990
  • Adventure L-BunkQuick View

    Adventure L-Bunk

    From R7,790
  • Adventure Tri Bunk BedQuick View

    Adventure Tri-Bunk

    From R8,690
  • Bjorn Study Bunk BedQuick View

    Bjorn Study Bunk Bed

    From R5,500
  • Dillon Bunk BedQuick View

    Dillon Bunk Bed

    From R9,990
  • Flant & Mungo Bunk bedQuick View

    Flant & Mungo Storage Bunk Bed

    From R9,990
  • Kendall Bunk Bed - WhiteQuick View

    Kendall Bunk Bed – White

  • Niko Castle Loft BedQuick View

    Niko Loft Bunk Bed

    From R6,050
  • Flexa Popsicle Bunk Bed - BlueberryQuick View

    Popsicle Bunk Bed – Blueberry

    From R23,990
  • Flexa Popsicle Bunk Bed - CherryQuick View

    Popsicle Bunk Bed – Cherry

    From R23,990
  • Vox Spot Bunk BedQuick View

    Spot Bunk Bed

    From R20,170

Showing all 11 results