Decals are probably the easiest and most affordable way to add some character to your nursery and kids rooms’ walls. The vinyl decal stickers by Bunni come on backing paper that can be applied as individual decals, or as a single sticker by simply removing the whole sheet’s backing paper. This quality product benefits from all the long-lasting properties of vinyl and the decals easily stick to any surface. Luckily they are just as easy to reposition, so if you’re not satisfied with your first attempt at the arrangement, no problem! What’s more, when they are removed they do not leave any sticky residue. We have myriad designs to choose from that will thrill and enchant your little ones, so decorate away!

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  • Bunni Jellyfish Wall DecalsQuick View

    Jellyfish Wall Decals

    Sale! R130 R90
  • Bunni Let's Party Wall DecalsQuick View

    Let’s Party Wall Decals

  • Bunni Monstera Wall DecalsQuick View

    Monstera Wall Decals

  • Bunni Rainbow Wall DecalsQuick View

    Rainbow Wall Decals

  • Djeco Rose of Wood Wall StickersQuick View

    Rose of Wood Wall Stickers

  • Bunni Stubby Line Wall Decals - Dusty PinksQuick View

    Stubby Line Wall Decals – Dusty Pinks

  • Bunni Stubby Line Wall Decals - Underwater BluesQuick View

    Stubby Line Wall Decals – Underwater Blues

  • Bunni Terrazzo Wall DecalsQuick View

    Terrazzo Wall Decals

  • Bunni Unicorn Wall DecalsQuick View

    Unicorn Wall Decals

  • Bunni Arrows Wall DecalsQuick View

    Arrows Wall Decals

  • Cactus Wall DecalsQuick View

    Cactus Wall Decals

  • Bunni Cloud Decals - WhiteQuick View

    Cloud Wall Decals

  • Bunni Eyes Wall Decals - WhiteQuick View

    Eyes Wall Decals

  • Bunni Heart Decals - WhiteQuick View

    Heart Decals

  • Bunni Let's Go on an Adventure DecalQuick View

    Let’s Go on an Adventure Decal

  • Bunni Little Mountains Decals - BlackQuick View

    Little Mountains Decals

    Sale! R250 R175

Showing 1–16 of 27 results