Lorena Canals


Established in 1990 in Spain, Lorena Canals is the designer and producer of children's rugs that are both stylish and practical. Everything began when the founder asked, "Why can't we wash our kids' rugs at home?" With no suitable solution on the market, she set off to make her own. Today, Lorena Canals rugs are available in more than 30 countries.

The brand prides itself on quality in every aspect of production, from the finest raw materials to socially responsible labour practices. Its rugs are available in a wide variety of designs, colours, sizes and thicknesses—making them suitable for any room.

Lorena Canals’ rugs undergo an extensive handmade elaboration process based on the selection of the best raw materials, the use of natural dyes, the control of non-child labour in the production process and the compliance of quality and safety regulations for children. Their factory in India possesses the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates and the different rug collections have the AITEX (Technological Textile Institute) certificates, which authenticate the compliance with the European regulation for kids’ products.

Lorena Canals is exclusively distributed by Clever Little Monkey.




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  • ABC Wall HangingQuick View

    ABC Wall Hanging

    , R730
  • Aztec Natural Rug - Vintage BlueQuick View

    Aztec Natural Rug – Vintage Blue

    , R2,690R2,890
  • Aztec Natural Rug - Vintage Nude PinkQuick View

    Aztec Natural Rug – Vintage Nude Pink

    , R2,690R2,890
  • Aztec Natural Rug - Vintage TerracottaQuick View

    Aztec Natural Rug – Vintage Terracotta

    , R2,690R2,890
  • Aztec Wall HangingQuick View

    Aztec Wall Hanging

    , R730
  • B&W Berber Rug - BeigeQuick View

    B&W Berber Rug – Beige

    , R3,990
  • B&W Berber Rug - BlackQuick View

    B&W Berber Rug – Black

    , R3,990
  • Berber CushionQuick View

    Berber Cushion

    , R630
  • Berber Rug - Klein BlueQuick View

    Berber Rug – Klein Blue

    , R3,550
  • Berber Rug - PetrolQuick View

    Berber Rug – Petrol

    , R3,550
  • Berber Rug - Vintage Nude PinkQuick View

    Berber Rug – Vintage Nude Pink

    , R3,550
  • Lorena Canals Air Rug - Alaska BlueQuick View

    Air Rug – Alaska Blue

    , , R2,890
  • Lorena Canals Air Rug - Canyon RoseQuick View

    Air Rug – Canyon Rose

    , , R3,690
  • Lorena Canals Air Rug - NaturalQuick View

    Air Rug – Natural

    , , R3,690
  • Lorena Canals Atlas Rug - Natural & BlackQuick View

    Atlas Rug – Natural & Black

    , , R2,490
  • Lorena Canals Atlas Rug - Natural & Vintage BlueQuick View

    Atlas Rug – Natural & Vintage Blue

    , , R2,490

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