Flexa. Designed and made in Denmark.

Flexa knows kids - that's why we love them! Flexa have been specialists in the design and manufacture of Scandinavian inspired children’s furniture since 1972 and are pretty famous across the world. We think their designs and quality are excellent and so we've decided to help spread the fame and support the introduction of a range of awesome Flexa Nursery Products & Furniture here in South Africa.

Children are at the cornerstone of everything Flexa does - as children grow, Flexa grows with them. And, they truly know their stuff. They work with designers, child development advisers and technical experts to ensure their creations are totally original. As if they weren't brilliant enough, all Flexa furniture is constructed from wood collected from northern latitudes, which is a naturally slow growth process ensuring top quality wood with minimal knots where nothing is wasted. All wood byproducts from their furniture are made into pellets and used to generate heat and energy thus recycling at source! They use eco-friendly UV varnish which meets the stringent EU standards for lacquer so their emphasis really is on making children’s surroundings safe, stimulating, creative and fun!

As their slogan says 'designed by experts - tested by kids'. We wouldn't have it any other way!



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  • 5-in-1 Baby Cot BedQuick View

    5-in-1 Baby Cot Bed

    From R11,090
  • Flexa High Chair - NaturalQuick View

    Child’s Highchair 0-12 yrs

    From R3,720
  • Junior Chair up to 12 yrsQuick View

    Junior Chair up to 12 yrs

  • Flexa Play BedQuick View

    Play Bed

    From R3,690
  • Play Bench & Storage BoxQuick View

    Play Bench & Storage Box

  • Flexa Play Display ShelfQuick View

    Play Display Shelf

  • Flexa Play Chair with backrestQuick View

    Play High Back Chair

  • Flexa Play Side TableQuick View

    Play Side Table

  • Flexa Square Play TableQuick View

    Play Square Table

  • Flexa Play StoolQuick View

    Play Stool

  • Flexa Storage Bench with backrestQuick View

    Play Storage Bench with Backrest

  • Flexa Play TableQuick View

    Play Table

    From R1,490
  • Flexa Play TableQuick View

    Play Table

  • Play Wall Shelf 3 TierQuick View

    Play Wall Shelf 3 Tier

  • Flexa Popsicle Bunk Bed - BlueberryQuick View

    Popsicle Bunk Bed – Blueberry

    From R23,990
  • Flexa Popsicle Bunk Bed - CherryQuick View

    Popsicle Bunk Bed – Cherry

    From R23,990

Showing 1–16 of 30 results