Pretty Plains – Versatile Bedding For Kids

Keen on sprucing up your kid’s bedroom with new bedding? We bring you our selection of Pretty Plains bedding that offers you so much more versatility in redoing your kid’s bedroom. Have a read and get inspired.

Icelantic Blue Bedding For Boys (pictured above)

Calm is the name of the game with the Icelantic Blue Duvet Set. A sense of tranquility is brought to your little boy’s bedroom with this 100% cotton chambray bedding that offers your little one soft cuddles for a good nights rest. The duvet set offers a light blue on one side and light grey on the other. Pictured in the image here is the uber cute Octopus Scatter – Blue Luca, accompanied by our new Circle and Star Velvet Scatters in seafoam. We absolutely love velvet this season for its cheer luxurious look and feel. To bring some character to your child’s wall, we have a wide selection of wall decals. We think you will love our new Full Moon Decal. It adds a touch of celestial mystery that is on trend for kid’s rooms right now.

Gender Neutral Rebel Grey Bedding

Rebel grey duvet set

Our Rebel Grey Duvet Set serves as a gender-neutral colourway that is suitable for your little boy or girls bedroom. This duvet set offers two grey variants on each side, with the opposite side being darker. We love our new take on the adventure theme which we have loving labeled “Eclectic Desert“. It’s a play on grey and yellow with its soft hues giving your kid’s bedroom a magical atmosphere. The Lorena Canals Pom-Pom Garland adds a touch of the hippy revival trend, while the Scandi inspired scatters coupled with our Velvet Scatters in yellow adds quirkiness. For additional texture bring in the Sheep Skin and round out the look with the blue Aztec Rug and Cactus Mirror.

Pure White Bedding for the Purists at Heart

Pure White Bedding Set

For the purest at heart, our Oxford Duvet Set answers your call. This is made with 100% percale 200 thread count cotton with Oxford edging and offers a classic look for a relaxing sleep environment. With this duvet set, you can style your kid’s bedroom by adding touches of colour with scatters and blankets. Pictured above is our Full Moon and Velvet Scatter with Lorena Canals Bubbly blankets, bringing in soft touches of green and grey variants.

Traditional Stone Bedding

Traditional Stone Bedding Set

For the traditionalist, our Traditional Stone Bedding has been made just for you and your little one. With a solid stone colourway on the one side and large stone and white gingham on the reverse, this duvet set gives you two styling options which offer you versatility for girls and boys bedrooms. Pictured above we have incorporated our Cresent Moon Scatter in pink, coupled with our dusty pink Velvet Scatters. Tieing the look together for girls is the new Lorena Canals Tie-Dye Rug and Wall-hanging in Vintage Nude Pink with Moo-Cachoo’s Dove Grey Hanging Tent Canopy.

Seascapes Bedding For Girls

Seascapes Duvet Set

For girls we showcase the beautiful Seascapes Duvet Set, inspired by a mixture of oceanic purples, watery blues, and silvery skies. Seascapes bring a soft touch to your little lady’s space and the bedding has a reversible side in grey. Set in a lilac colourway which is set to be the colour of 2018, your little lady’s room will be on trend. On top of this, the bedding is soft and comfortable and allows for you to do so much with your child’s space. We have added the adorable Octopus Scatter – Lilac Lilly and the cuddly Jay-Jay The Whale which adds to the ocean-inspired look.


What is your favourite in our range of kids duvet sets? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you. Like us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about our informative blogs and special offers. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @cleverlittlemonkey and get inspired.

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