Prepare for Winter With These Beautiful Kids Blankets

As we get closer towards winter, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on kids blankets. The great thing about blankets is that they are versatile, making them perfect for beds, cots, laps, chairs, car seats, shoulders and play tents. You don’t have to be a little person to make use of kids blankets, either. Teens, grown-ups and family pets also love a good blanket. The smaller size of these blankets makes them just right to keep all members of the family warm on the couch.

Gear Into Winter With These Adorable Kids Blankets

Looking to add a spot of colour to your little one’s room with a funky blanket or few? These gorgeous kids blankets will warm up any bedroom or lap instantly.

Bubbly Baby Blanket

Prepare for Winter With These Beautiful Kids Blankets - Bubbly Baby Blanket

Ideal for cribs, laps and couches, this lightweight blanket by Lorena Canals is made from 100% cotton, adding warmth without the risk of overheating. With super cute pompoms adoring the edges, the blanket’s breathable fabric is fully washable, too. Try the Pink Bubbly Baby Blanket or opt for a mint, blue or grey blanket.

Rebel Blanket

Prepare for Winter With These Beautiful Kids Blankets - Rebel Blanket

For kids and teens looking for something bold, geometric and right on trend, the Bunni Rebel Blanket is sure to be just the ticket. This blanket has a charcoal and ivory design that features interwoven hand-drawn circles and lines. It’s made from warm, cosy microfibre, which means that it is warm, soft and oh-so-comfy. Perfect for those chilly winter nights!

Chunky Knit Blanket

Prepare for Winter With These Beautiful Kids Blankets - Chunky Knit Blanket

Adding a touch of brightness to your little one’s bed or cot, these Chunky Knit Blankets by Jollein are available in aqua, jade, raspberry and yellow. Made from a high quality cotton acrylic blend that prevents pilling, they are easy to wash and comfortable enough to add warmth while still being breathable. These cute blankets are ideal as bedspreads, brightening up bedrooms with a bold pop of colour.

Cloud Fleece Blanket

Prepare for Winter With These Beautiful Kids Blankets - Cloud Fleece Blanket

For the ultimate softness and snugness, the Cloud Fleece Blanket by Bunni is sure to bring plenty of comfort. This sweet blanket features clouds that are certain to inspire pleasant slumbers. The blanket is available in pink and grey. Measuring 150cm by 100cm, this blanket is ideal for cribs and laps. It’s made from high quality fleece that is machine washable and silky soft.

Keen to find even more beautiful blankies? Browse our selection of kids blankets and baby blankets in South Africa to start shopping now!



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