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Potty Training is Not for Sissies

So, I thought I would have potty training so easy. When Elijah was eighteen months old he let me know he was ready to start potty training. I raced out the door to get a potty and I bought the cutest little boxers for him. My mom is French and French mama’s are quite hardcore when it comes to parenting. My sisters and I were potty trained by this age, so obviously Elijah would follow in my footsteps. I remember at one swimming lesson Elijah toddled up to me to ask to use the potty, all the others mama’s looked at him in amazement. I put him on the potty, he did his business and all the other mama’s were shouting encouragement, Elijah just lapped up the attention. He clapped for himself, put his arms up in the air and shouted “YAY”. I had one very proud little guy. Nearly as proud as I was of him.

After using his potty at home a few times he decided this potty training was not for him. Back to nappies please mama. I tried to convince him how much fun using the potty was but he was having none of it. So I left it as I did not want to make potty stressful for him and for him to have a bad experience.

He still was not potty trained by the beginning of 2018. I bribed him, did reward charts and tried everything under the sun that I thought might help. Still, nothing.

I tried again just after his second birthday when Summer started as I reckoned he could just run around outside with no clothes on and he would get the job done in no time (how lucky we are in South Africa with our beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle?) but Elijah was still disinterested in not having a nappy to do his business in.

I struggled, he was just not having any of it. I feel it might have had something to do with the fact that I am a widowed mom and therefore he does not have a father figure to show him how to do it “man style”. I never pushed him too much but at the beginning of this Summer when Elijah had turned three, I knew it was going to start to become a problem. He was enrolled to start at a school at the beginning of this year where the children have to be fully potty trained. He still was not by the beginning of 2018. I bribed him, did reward charts, I tried everything under the sun that I thought might help. Still nothing. He started at his new school wearing a nappy. His school was not particularly happy about this.

And then two weeks ago he just decided the time was right for him to stop wearing nappies. He wanted to do it in his own time and I should have respected that and not put any pressure on him. Mama’s, your child will stop wearing nappies but I now believe that this isn’t something that we should push and we should just let it happen naturally. Now, we have to work on not needing a night nappy but I shall let him decide when he no longer needs that!


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2 thoughts on “Potty Training is Not for Sissies

  1. Great article, thanks for sharing! My son is just over 2 and doing the poo in the toilet but not ready to give up the nappy so I’m going to go with your method….he will do so when he’s ready! Great advice 🙂 and a whole lot less stressful

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed our article – hope the method works for you! 🙂

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