Kids Playroom Makeover

Playroom Makeover

Three years ago we transformed our guest bedroom into a cute playroom for Eliana and Lia. They were both toddlers with big toys and we needed one space to put it all. We loved our playroom but over time, as the girls (and our family) grew, so did our needs change. It was time for a DIY kids playroom revamp!

Step-by-step we created the perfect DIY kid’s playroom for our family, here’s how we did it.



The first step in most of our home decor projects usually begins with sorting, selecting and purging session. Getting rid of the unwanted, unused and distracting clutter that fills our home and disorganizes our living spaces is very important. “Spring cleaning” any time of the year is good for the soul.

This usually takes the most time and effort and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re getting nowhere BUT keep at it and take your time going through every single puzzle, toy and book.


Now that the toys are sorted, it’s time to look at the space you have in mind for your DIY kid’s playroom. Consider the purpose of the playroom and how you can go about creating a functional (yet pretty) space.

Our playroom includes the following:

Eliana’s study/homework space

Eliana is in grade 1 and she needs somewhere calm and quiet with minimal distractions for afternoon homework with mom. The wooden desk (made and installed by dad) with a comfy bench works perfectly. I just included a chalkboard and pink Bunni wall pocket also available in Misty Grey and Seafoam green and they are great stationary organisers.

A corner office for mom

We don’t have a home study so I needed to create a little office space for myself within the playroom. Most of the furniture and accessories are items from years ago during our 1st DIY playroom project but having more kids and a new, growing business means becoming better organized, hence the addition of a “family command centre”.

“Free play” zone

Children need opportunities for independent play, choosing what to play with, deciding how to play with a specific item and being able to complete a chosen task at their own pace.

They can simply play to their own imagination’s content. I simply add and swop activities ever so often, just to keep things interesting.

Floor play area

An open space is another MUST – preferable with an easy-care carpet. Somewhere to unpack every toy, to empty every basket and to lie on the floor…

Be careful not to waste space with unnecessary clutter or big, bulky furniture. One of the best decisions we made 4 years ago was knocking out our window wall and rather adding a door. Opening up that big door (especially during summer) makes our playroom bigger and more fun!

Include a cozy reading nook

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS include somewhere comfy and cozy to enjoy storytime. Fostering a love for reading is a top priority and we want our girls to have fond memories of us getting lost in new adventures, meeting interesting friends and enjoying stories together.


Baskets and boxes

These are always useful and come in many different sizes, designs, and textures to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Belly baskets are also popular and I’m always surprised at how much they can hold.

  • Don’t underestimate the functionality of a pretty cardboard gift box which comes in very handy. Definitely an affordable option to consider.
  • Use soft pots for smaller items and even crayons and other stationery. If they get dirty simply pop them into the washing machine.


Make it fun

Add unexpected extras that surprise the littlies… I remember always wanting an indoor swing like this beauty by Tiger Lily Tots

Plants aren’t just a pretty extra

Plants offer another fun learning opportunity for the girls. They help water and trim them and actually enjoy this extra responsibility – taking care of another living thing. Let’s hope this one stays happy and growing.

Don’t forget a rug, actually, don’t forget a Lorena Canals Rug 

This is our second rug from this brand and the only rugs I would buy for kids. Handmade from natural cotton and dyes, these rugs are safe, eco-friendly, toxin-free and easy to care for – simply pop them into the washing machine. Ours have been washed over and over again and are still as beautiful, durable and soft as the day we first unrolled them.



We spend hours playing, learning and working in our new playroom. All the toys are easily accessible which makes them easy to put away too. Maybe in a year or two, we’ll need another revamp but for now, this is everyone’s favourite room in our home.


Images by Madison & West Lifestyle

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