Planning Baby's Nursery

Planning Baby’s Nursery

After receiving the joyous news about the imminent arrival of a little bundle of joy, most parents-to-be quickly realise how much there suddenly is to do. You may start to buy stacks of nappies wherever and whenever there’s a special offer, then soon realise you need lots of space to store them! In fact, creating a space for baby’s things, not to mention baby her/himself, can be quite a daunting task. Cue the planning of baby’s nursery.

Where should baby sleep?

The first decision is often whether baby should sleep in its own room from day one. Although this has been debated endlessly, with various studies either way, the decision still remains with the parents and what feels most natural to them. A recent article in Science News, “When should babies sleep in their own rooms?” offers the results of a study suggesting that babies sleep better on their own as of 6 months. However, every new mom will advise as the article suggests: “Middle of the night feedings and diaper changes are easier when there’s less distance between you and the babe.”

Think long term about sleeping arrangements

With my sister and brother-in-law expecting their first-born, I was spectator to this debate for the past few months. An ingenious solution was decided upon – furnish the nursery with a single bed for mommy (or daddy) to repose in when needed, and keep the matrimonial bed sacred! That will also save you from having to acquire a “grown-up” bed later on for the little one as it outgrows the cot. Additionally, a bed that has been part of the nursery since birth will feel less foreign to your toddler than a brand new piece of furniture. The Vox Spot Tipi Daybed could be just the thing, with the added benefit of a trundle drawer sliding underneath for additional storage.

The value of having baby close

However, you may feel more at ease having baby in your own room to start with, and for that you’ll need a co-sleeper or cradle. A co-sleeper is designed to fit perfectly next to your bed, and can be adjusted to the correct height. A cradle can similarly be set up next to your bed, within touching distance of your little one. CLM has sourced the best of cradles and co-sleepers. Moses baskets are also ideal for carrying baby around the house or garden and makes it easy to move the crib into a sunny spot.

Invest in furniture that grows with your child

Since space is often at a premium in a nursery, anything that can offer additional functionality is a great idea. A very popular option is a cot that converts into a toddler bed, a keepsake piece of furniture that will offer your money’s worth for many years to come. CLM have sourced the best convertible cots from top European designers where small rooms are the norm and living space is often much more limited than in our own beautiful country. Take a look at some fabulous designs that conform to European safety standards.

Colour schemes and details

With the crucial sleeping decision out of the way, the fun stuff can start! The pickle is often your choice of colour scheme, which can be made a little more difficult if you wish to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. A very trendy option which works brilliantly for boys and girls is a monochrome palette. This can easily be zhooshed up with splashes of colour, but looks at its most elegant when limited to grey and white with touches of black.

Painting the walls of your nursery is a fun way for new parents to bond over their new arrival, but the colour could be a challenging decision. Most decorators nowadays steer away from old-school bright pink or blue, but again, you need to do what will make you and baby feel most cheerful and at home. A light grey or white seems to be the most practical choice, since one can quickly tire of a very bright or overbearing colour. However, if you don’t mind painting again in a few years’ time, bring on the Sunshine Yellow!

If you opt for a more neutral choice, there are loads of décor options to add interest and colour, such as wall decals. They can easily be pasted and removed, and are a relatively cheap and simple way to incorporate a theme or add a splash of brightness. Lettering is also still popular, as well as funky artwork and plaques with cool quotes.

Softs are easy to change around as the years go by

Another way to add pops of fun is with themed scatter pillows, which can double up as plush toys for your little one, as well as pillows for mommy or daddy to prop up for extra comfort when feeding or soothing baby to sleep. Check out some unique scatters on.

The next integral part of your nursery is a baby-changing station that is easily accessible, and easy to clean! A compactum furnished with a baby-changing mat is ideal, and if it features drawers and/or shelf space, the piece can later serve as a dresser when baby is finally potty-trained. Change mats nowadays are curved at the sides to allow baby some wiggle room without sliding off the sides, and a washable change mat cover will give you the peace of mind that a little splatter won’t be the end of the world

And lastly, the piece de resistance… a snug area rug to bring it all together. Since you want baby to be super comfortable in their surrounds, you will obviously look for a rug that is soft to the touch. This will offer baby a cosy area to practice sitting, crawling or just leisurely lounging about. Playtime in your little one’s own space will be one of its first ventures into independence, so you probably want to ensure ultimate safety by employing natural materials. However, you may be concerned with having luxurious items in the nursery since babies tend to be messy, so if you can manage your own comfort better by getting a washable rug, all the better! The best option is 100% cotton machine washable rugs by Lorena Canals, available in a range of gorgeous colours and designs.

The only necessity that’s left is a little shelf space for baby’s darling outfits, and perhaps a separate room for all the diapers! It’s easy to be intimidated with all the products on offer for a new baby, so we suggest you talk to mommies who have already gone through the experience to offer advice. You may soon realise that not everything is as crucial as it is made out to be, and sticking to basics in the beginning is often the best bet. After all, the only thing your new little gem really needs is lots of love. And thanks to Mother Nature, for that, no planning is needed.

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