Perfect Pedestals for Your Child’s Room

Kids pedestals are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used to house nightlights, lamps, books and various other bedside essentials. As practical as they are, pedestals can also look good. Depending on the style you choose, this item can help tie together the room’s decor style, especially when paired with other items of furniture in the room.

Wondering how to choose the right pedestal? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to get our tips on choosing the best kids pedestals to suit your little one’s room.

How to Choose Kids Pedestals & Nightstands

To give you an idea of just how versatile kids pedestals and nightstands can be, here are some styles that work well in just about any room.

Neutral colours.

Perfect Pedestals for Your Childs Room - Neutral Colours

For tweens, teens and children that frequently change the look of their room, a neutral style will work best. This will allow you to easily change room colours and styles, without the risk of clashes. A simple wood pedestal such as the Concept Pedestal by VOX will work well in boy and girl rooms of any style or colour scheme. This unit has two deep drawers that are covered by a cupboard door. The classic white and wood combination will blend into your child’s room, working well with simple wooden desks, beds, bookcases and cupboards.

Stacked storage.

 Perfect Pedestals for Your Childs Room - Stacked Storage

Bedside storage does not have to be traditional. Stacked bedroom storage is a great solution for kids who have plenty of toys, books and other goods they wish to keep close at hand. The 4You Storage Boxes by VOX allow your child to mix and match, creating a one of a kind bedside storage solution that can be customised to their needs. These handy boxes are available in selected colours, including teal, charcoal and oak. Various sizes are available to further customise your child’s bedside storage.

Clean lines.

Perfect Pedestals for Your Childs Room - Clean Lines

While tweens and younger kids will settle for quirky designs and bright colours, many teens begin to show a preference for something that is more elegant in its design. Teens will love the simple design and elegant style of a minimal pedestal that has a single drawer and minimal wooden style. The Huguenot Bedside Table by Pedersen + Lennard has a grown-up style that is gender neutral and sophisticated. Other pedestals that will be perfect for a teen who is transitioning to more adult tastes include the Loki Pedestal and the Kika Pedestal.

We offer many other versatile pedestals and nightstands to suit every style. Browse our full range of kids pedestals to see what we currently have on offer.


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