Nursery Tips That Stimulate Baby Development

Today you can do so much more with your baby’s nursery that not only looks good but helps with your child’s development. With this in mind, we bring you some nursery tips that don’t involve blue or pink but instead focuses on the different things you can place in your baby nursery that will help with their intellectual growth. 

Walls Can Help With Contrast Development

When considering what to do with your nursery walls, contrasting colours can help your baby learn to focus on high contrast objects and therefore determine where one shape ends and another begins. A good idea is to paint each wall in a different colour or use contrasting stripes in colour variants. Alternatively, a simple solution is to make use of decals to bring in a colour contrast variant on your nursery walls.


Texture Variants For Visual Stimulation

Be sure to introduce a variety of textures into your baby’s nursery to help with visual stimulation. The key here is to place different shapes and sizes securely in your baby’s cot and all around the room.

Firstly when choosing your baby bedding, consider a print that shows colour variants. Secondly, bring in a rug that offers contrasting colours and/or different shapes – go with a rug that is both durable and comfortable for you and your baby to have hours of playtime without you having to worry about a mess (Lorena Canals selection of machine-washable rugs is a winner here). Lastly, by incorporating well made good quality wooden toys – not only is this visually stimulating but its durable and non-toxic and can be played with well into the toddler phase.

Baby Gym in Nursery

Music For Auditory Stimulation

“Your child’s brain is pre-wired to learn music, just as it’s pre-wired to learn a language”, says Daniel Levitin, Ph.D., author of This Is Your Brain on Music.

By incorporating musical stimuli into your baby’s nursery, you can help develop their language skills. Simply place a music player of any kind into their nursery that plays music that is stimulating to your baby. This doesn’t necessarily only need to be classical music, you can bring in the music that you love and enjoy. Your baby thrives on your energy, so music that you love and can sing along to can help your baby to speak sooner and of course, makes for wonderful bonding time.

Mom & Baby in Nursery

A Comfortable Nursery Sitting Area For Reading

The stimulating sound of your voice when reading to your baby is one of the most intellectually stimulating bonding moments you can have with your little one. It is important that you incorporate a comfortable sitting area into your baby nursery where the two of you can spend time with a good book every day.

Bring in a comfortable rocker or feeding chair and add some shelving on the wall with your little one’s favourite books or a basket next to the sitting area. A fun fact, if you get tired of reading kids books you can read whatever it is you want as your newborn doesn’t understand words yet.

Baby Nursery

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