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My Totally Uneducated Picks For The Best Baby Shower Gifts

With wedding season almost behind me, I am slowly making my way into the baby season, and I attended my very first baby shower a few months ago.

To make life a little bit easier for us, she had the standard baby shower registry, but I quickly found myself wandering onto the less functional, but oh so cute, baby and nursery items.

So I put down what my inner child chose and replaced it with something on the list, she wouldn’t have any use for that really cool mini convertible car anyway…yet.

Why can’t we have the best of both? It comes down to the theory of human motivation, basically to put needs before wants, and as a self-proclaimed best aunt ever, I probably focus more on the wants rather than needs, but what if …stay with me now… what if, we could buy our favourite mommies-to-be, usable and cute goodies?

Besides, If I’m going to be the best aunt or the favourite babysitter, I can’t be buying a subpar ‘welcome to the world, favourite little human’ gift.

So, being the sharer that I am, here are my favourite cute and functional goodies:

1. Sleepyhead Pod or Pod Cover

Sleepyhead creates a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted! It’s great for tummy time, as a cot reducer, or simply chilling and can be used from newborn to 36 months. (that’s 3 years for us non-moms)Sweet Dreaming With Sleepyhead Pods - Cot and Bed Transition

2. Little Lovely Company Night Lights

What does a ghost wear when its cold? Boooooots!
That’s why these night lights are my favourite pick for night buddies, they make us smile and will be great company for your little one!

A Little Lovely Company Whale Little Light

3. Monstera Baby Blanket by Bunni

This super trendy microfibre baby blanket will instantly warm up any baby’s bedroom! And I won’t object having this softness against me when I’m holding baby…

Bunni Monstera Baby Blanket

4.Purflo Sleep Sac

The PurFlo SleepSac is a cosy sleeping bag that has been designed with night time practicalities in mind! The zips also have covers to prevent scratching and it’s machine washable too.

PurFlo Sleepsac benefits

5. Kideroo Baby Rattle

How cute?!  Soft and squishy, it’s perfect to hold, chew and rattle about!

Panda Plush Baby Rattle

6. Personalised Scatter

There is nothing better than feeling special and the Phlo personalised scatter brings the perfect personal touch to your little one’s room. From choosing the colour, pattern, and name, decor doesn’t get more personal than this…

Phlo Studio Cloud Personalised Scatter

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