Mumu & Me – Wooden Toys That Are Fun And Educational

When we think of wooden toys for kids the words ‘timeless’, ‘durable’ and ‘imaginative’ springs to mind. Proudly South African wooden toys manufacturer, Mumu & Me, does it best with their selection of educational and fun wooden toys that embodies beauty in its design, will last for generations to come and encourages imaginative play in your kids. 

Let’s Start By Learning Our ABC’s

As a start off point in our kid’s growth and education, the importance of reading springs to mind and learning their ABC’s should be at the top of your list. Mumu & Me‘s ABC Sorting Toy makes learning their ABC’s fun. This solid wooden toy allows for them to match the letters on the solid wood base with the corresponding blocks that they place onto the pegs. This teaches them to match letter shapes to one another, pathing the way to future avid readers. The ABC Sorting Toy is available in beautiful natural tone colourways, so having it laying around the house won’t be bothersome.

Wooden ABC Sorting Toy - Multi-Coloured
ABC Sorting Toy – Multi-Coloured

A Modern Twist On Building Blocks

For the imaginative building enthusiast, Mumu & Me brings a modern spin on building blocks with their Little Home Play Blocks. Designed to boost the creative juices within your budding little architect’s mind, these blocks let them build to their heart’s content and find innovative ways to learn how to balance objects on top of one another. Available in a set of 12 cute play blocks and a selection of beautiful pastel tones, these blocks would inspire you to join in for some quality play time with you little one.

Wooden Little Home Play Blocks
Little Home Play Blocks

Growth Inspired Wooden Pegging Toy

Kids are born with an innate yearning to learn. Mumu & Me’s Pegging Toy brings out this innate self-taught method by teaching them to differentiate between colours, sizes, designs, balancing and eye/hand coordination. The Pegging Toy is made up of a solid wooden base with eight holes that fit eight different sized pegs which they can use to create different levels and colour variations. Hours of bonding can be spent between you and your growing toddler with this versatile wooden toy, making education fun and memorable.

Wooden Pegging Toy
Pegging Toy

A Stacking Toy That Helps Build Motor Skills

To help introduce shapes and colour to your little one, Mumu & Me‘s Wooden Stacking Shapes Toy brings you this and helps to build strong motor skills in your growing child. The pieces can be sorted by colour and shape. The shapes are unique in its design and come in cool pastel colours with a solid wooden base. So your child can learn more in shape variation and colour coordination.

Wooden Stacking Shapes
Stacking Shapes

Imaginative Play For The Camera Enthusiast

For your little budding photographer, Mumu & Me brings a beautifully crafted Wooden Camera Toy. Let their imaginations run free as they play and take pretend pictures of their friends. This wooden toy is so beautiful, you will want to keep it as a keepsake for childhood memories when your little one is all grown up.

Wooden Camera
Wooden Camera Toy

What we love about these toys, besides its educational value, is that these toys will never go out of style and will assist in the growth of generations of kids to come. Think of all the stories you can share with your future grandkids. What is your favourite toy from the Mumu & Me selection of wooden toys? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our informative blogs and special offers. Follow us on Instagram @cleverlittlemonkey and get inspired.

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