The Month of Love Through a Mother’s Eyes

February is definitely the month of love. We see it everywhere. Shops are blazing with hearts, chocolates and ribbons. Red roses are everywhere you look. Soppy music blares through all the malls across the world. Some think it is cheesy but I see it as a reminder to love. Love does make the world go round after all. 

There are so many different kinds of love, and while I lost my husband and soulmate in a very tragic accident two years ago, it has not made me bitter about love and those in love. In actual fact I think it has taught me that I have a huge capacity to love and to not take anyone for granted. I am not only talking about romantic love here as that is not an option for me as I loved Darrell so fiercely and he will always be the only man for me, but about a mothers love, a sisters love, love for your friends and family, your planet and yourself.

13 February is my wedding anniversary followed very closely by Valentines Day. Instead of being sad I have decided to celebrate Elijah and a mothers love this February. I want Elijah to grow up never doubting my love for him but I also want him to grow up to respect women and to one day be an amazing husband just like his daddy was. I really feel that these are things that we need to teach our children and I feel that it starts out with knowing how much their mothers love them. You can never spoil a child with too much love nor too many kisses. And this month I intend to indulge Elijah even more.

We are going on mother and son dates, planned activities with just the two of us and just generally spending quality time together. This is something that we normally do do but with the start of Elijah’s new school and everything that comes with that we have been just settling into new routines and have not done anything fun with just the two of us. So now both our diaries are full to the brim with mommy/son dates!

I hope that you all have a fantastic month of love and that you always feel honoured, loved and respected.



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