Matric 2018 – Getting Them Ready For The Grown-Up World

Parents play a vital role in getting their matric 2018 child ready for life beyond their high school years. What can we as parents do to help prepare our matriculant teen for their tertiary experience and life as an adult? In this piece, we help answer this question by giving you some tips to get them ready for the grown-up world.

First Things First, Think Back To Your Life In Matric

Let’s face it, your matric year is the year where your high school aspirations come together. With all this excitement, balancing out academics, sports and extracurricular activities can get a bit much for your matric 2018 teenager. The key for you as a parent is to remember what it felt like to be in matric and place yourself in their shoes. This will help you to be there for them and help them prepare for the next step into the grown-up world. Think about what guidance would have helped you, had you known things you know now. You can give your teen extr asinight that might have taken them years to learn.

Let’s Get Their Basics Intact For Their Matric 2018 Year

By making sure that they have all the necessities they need for the year ahead intact, you will help them take the first step to getting focused on what they need to do. Make sure that they have a workable project and study area where they can sit down at a comfortable desk, organise the books that they will need for school work and an area where they can visually map out where they are headed. Here you can sit down with your matriculant and talk to them about how you go about your daily work life to deliver on the results and tasks that have been set out for you. This will give them an understanding that what they are doing now is in preparation for the next step of their lives. These moments go a long way, so take time out to invest in them.

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The Importance Of Positive Reinforcement

Loving motivation and support from parents gives their children the foundation and security they need to start preparing for their journey into adulthood. “The way we speak to our children becomes their inner voice”, says Peggy O’Mara, author of Natural Family Living. This remains true in your child’s matric year. We want our kids to be the best versions of themselves. And through reminding them of their strengths we can harness the power of positive reinforcement. This helps them get ready for stepping out into the grown-up world with the confidence and support that they need.

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The Power Of Self-Discipline

Our teens watch what we do day in and day out, especially as they grow older. Think back to when you were in your high school years and how you watched your parents go about their daily lives. In your child’s matric year it is important for you to practice self-discipline. Lead by example and communicate with them the rewards of disciplining yourself.  This is the time where they need to discipline themselves so that they can deliver their best in all their fields of study, sports and extracurriculars. With your help in leading the way by example, this all-important principle will help gear them up for the grown-up world.

Trust In The Experts

Seeking help from experts can help you to help them perform their best work in their matric 2018 year which will get them ready for the next step of their lives. There are many options for you to consider in many forms that will help you out. All you need to do is put in the time to do the research. When choosing what assistance to take on, be sure to read the reviews of parents such as yourself to see how it helped them. Also, keep the lines of communication open between you and your matriculant’s teachers. This will help give you insight into your child’s state of being and open up opportunities where you can step in and guide the way.

What tips do you have for parents such as yourself to help get their matric 2018 kids grown-up world ready? Offer a helping hand by commenting below. Be sure to like us on Facebook and sign on to our newsletter to be the first to know about our informative blogs as they are published.

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