Lorena Canals New Collection – September 2017

September 2017 is set to be an exciting month as the new collection from Lorena Canals reaches South African shores. And carrying on with their revolutionary design ethos, the new collection is on trend and inspired by this year’s colours. Designed with the child and parent in mind, these 100% cotton machine washable rugs and décor pieces from Lorena Canals will adorn your home in style and comfort.

Colour Inspiration for the New Collection.

Lorena Canals moulds its new collection around three trendy colours this season:


Revival of the 60’s

Lorena Canals hits the new season off with a Tie Dye Collection that sets the tone of the revival of the 60’s, which is one of the biggest trends of the twenty-first century. “Today this colourful technique is adding a cool vibe to the runway and the home” – Elle Décor. The Tie Dye Collection has a colour selection that is fresh and reminiscent of all things vintage. The colour availability is Tie Die yellow, pink, blue, vintage nude and vintage blue. The rounded shape makes it perfect for your baby’s nursery, kids bedroom, playroom or living area.


Lorena Canals New Collection Tie Die Yellow Rug

A Classic Best Seller Revived.

Inspired by the Lorena Canals classic Berber rug, the brand’s best seller is renewed with the new colours of the season, a perfect accompaniment to elegant and modern décor. It carries on with its rectangular shape, finished with small braids. The Berber Collection has black lines creating a diamond shape motif, made using a loop technique that is pleasant to the touch.


Geometric – One of the Greatest Trends in Interior Design.

The Geometric Collection makes use of geometric prints, which are one of the greatest trends in interior décor design. This trend, both fascinating and inspiring to the interior decorator, adds elegance, versatility and sophistication to your living space. Available in round and rectangular shapes, the entire rug has different motifs and colours. The colours are especially relevant as they define shapes and play in the same colour-scheme to add contrast.

The Lorena Canals Geometric Collection is available in Round & Rectangular Shape.

Minimalist Scandinavian Design.

The Scandinavian Style Trace Minimalist collection has simple lines creating geometric motifs. Its round shape, with simple black lines that radiate from the same point, is made using a loop technique, for added comfort and warmth.


100% Cotton Machine-Washable Baskets get a New Twist.

New to Lorena Canals basket range is the Tassels Cotton Baskets. These are the perfect solution to store toys, books, magazines, blankets, plants etc. They are bigger than the Bubbly and Leaf Basket collections, for a bigger storage capacity. The design is simple, clean and fun, appropriate for modern styles. Available in a range of monochromatic colours, from fresh to vibrant, nuanced and vintage colours – colours that are on-trend. The tassels around the upper opening give it a casual and cheerful touch. The Tassels Cotton Basket Collection can be matched with every rug in the New Collection.


100% Cotton Machine-Washable Cushions are here.

New from Lorena Canals are the handmade 100% natural cotton machine-washable cushions. These cushions are designed around the New CollectionRug ranges. The Lorena Canals Collection of cushions suit children’s rooms and any living space within your home. Every cushion is elaborated carefully and individually, so each one is unique. These cushions are safe for children as they don’t make use of any zippers and they are soft and comfy so they bring warmth to any room.


70’s Inspired Lorena Canals Wall Hangings.

To wrap up the New Collection, Lorena Canals brings to the market textural wall hangings that are reminiscent of the 70’s era. The Lorena Canals Wall Hangings are all individually handmade, so no two items are alike. These beautiful 100 % cotton machine washable wall hangings will tie your room together along with the new collection machine-washable rugs and cushions.


New To Our Shores, The Nordic Lines Wool Rug.

New to South African shores and part of the Lorena Canals New Collection is the Nordic Lines Wool Rug Collection. The Nordic Lines Collection is Scandinavian inspired with its clean lines and smooth colours. The colours available are Natural, Light Grey, Vintage Nude and Petroleum with black lines creating a clean-lined look with fine black tassels on each side of the rug. The Nordic Lines collection is a range of wool rugs, so it’s a thicker option than the 100% Cotton machine-washable rugs.


Lorena Canals is exclusively available to the South African market through Clever Little Monkey. The Lorena Canals New Collection will be available towards the end of September.

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