Lighting Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Lighting Ideas for Kids Rooms

Good lighting in a kids bedroom can make a huge difference to not only the practical success of the room but also help create the right mood. Check out our bright spark tips to help you with lighting ideas for kids rooms.

As humans, we are all sensitive to light. Your baby will soon learn to align themselves with the circadian rhythms of the sun and as they grow up, they will wake when the big light in the sky switched on and tire when the soothing effect of the moon kicks in.

Jock Desk Lamp
Jock Desk Lamp

Lighting not only illuminates a space but also gives us the opportunity to add dramatic or playful style to a child’s bedroom space. Think of cute little animal lights such as this Jock Desk Lamp or of large and impressive installations that will add some pizazz to the room.

By investigating what themes the child in currently favouring you could look for something that could compliment the look or create and inspirational dream world where they could fly away in a hot air balloon light or disappear in a cloud of colourful paper lanterns huddling in the corner of the bedroom.


There are 2 basic types of lighting that we should pay particular attention to in kids bedrooms: ambient & task lighting will all help to create the right atmosphere in the room.

Ambient Lighting

Lumibaer Nightlight White
Lumibär Indoor Lamp

Ambient lighting makes us happy. It also gives off just enough light for safety purposes at night or helps little ones feel safe whilst falling asleep, without those under- the-bed-monsters coming out to get them.

Night lights are perfect companions in this instance. They can even play music or show an array of colourful lights that not only soothe but also comfort children. Not to mention the ones that show the room temperature or have a built in alarm when its time to wake up. Night lights help parents to attend to the little ones during the dark hours of the night by changing their nappy or feeding them without too much hassle.

Task lighting

Task lighting is necessary to sufficiently light up the child’s work or drawing space. Place sufficient desk lamps or pendant lights over desks, play tables or areas where the children play a lot on the floor building puzzles, wooden castles or lego lands.


Plan for safety

Little children easily pull lamps over so make sure to tie the cords to the furniture, select wooden, metal or plastic lamp bases – no ceramic or glass as these will break easily. Even better yet, select pendant lights for your kids bedroom lighting that cannot be knocked over and nightlights that have no cables.

Consider the size of the room

It works best when the size of the lighting fixtures actually match the size of the room. An oversized pendant will dominate a room and make you feel overwhelmed like the world is hanging over your shoulder. In contrast, lighting that is too small will make no impression and make the room feel sparse and unwelcoming.

A variety of lighting options work best in most kids rooms

Night lights are a necessity for younger children and babies, whilst hanging pendants are perfect for lighting up the space when the kids want to play, get dressed or do something important. Table lamps can become cute accessories that light up a particular corner of the room and help create an ambience, whilst desk lamps are good for reading and doing homework.


Why not create a magical wonderland by hanging string fairy lights to bed frames and canopies or attaching LED strip lighting around bed headboards in your kids bedrooms. And who wouldn’t want a starry ceiling? you can install some LED lighting int the ceiling or buy glow in the dark constellation stickers.

And there you have it! Some fabulous ideas for your kids bedroom lighting.

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  1. Very nice article, I like the idea of creating an ambient, comfy atmosphere in a room.

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