Stig Leander founded the company Leander, in Silkeborg, Denmark in 1998 after his sister fell pregnant with twins. He envisioned creating products that both enhance childhood development and makes life with children a little easier.

Consequently, his idea for the iconic Leander cradle was born. The cradle, suspended from a single point, is free to sway in any direction which mimics the gentle movement inside the womb. This stimulates the child’s senses while creating a calm and secure space.

The Leander Cot was similarly created from Stig’s passion for craftsmanship and simple elegance. The cot’s unique shape with its rounded corners creates a harmonious effect while enhancing safety. The child’s sense of security is further increased by having the same bed until the age of 7, since it easily converts through 5 settings as the child grows. The beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests, is treated with a water-based lacquer in either walnut, grey, white, or natural whitewash.

The Leander High Chair was the recipient of the 2016 KidStyleFile Award for Favourite High Chair. This stunning chair with its smooth curves can be used from six months into adulthood, making it a wonderful keepsake. It provides ergonomic support with adjustable components, and the slight spring allows for freedom of movement even while seated at a table.