Change Up Your Kid’s Floors With Armadillo & Co

Handmade from Bangladeshi Hemp, the range of handwoven rugs from Armadillo is definitely a work of art for your kid’s floors. Not only will it work well for your kid’s bedroom, it’s great for your lounge too. Let’s have a look at each item in the range more closely.

Armadillo & Co Camelia Flower Weave Natural Rug

Designed around the beautiful Camelia flower, which is found in eastern and southern Asia, the Camellia Flower Weave Natural Rug will definitely grace your kid’s floors in style. The rug has been handwoven in different sized circles with Bangladeshi Hemp to give it its unique style that creates a posy, celebrating the flowers concentric patterns. Because of its natural texture, this rug works well for baby nurseries and kid’s bedrooms alike. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is durable as well, so it can even work for high traffic areas such as your lounge.

Because of its neutral tone, this rug is suitable for both boys and girls bedrooms and will fit in with whatever your personal style may be. For nurseries, because of it’s different sized circles, your baby will enjoy the texture as little hands and knees crawl over the rug.

Armadillo & Co Rug
Camelia Flower Natural Weave Rug

Sherbet Daisy Flower Weave Natural Rug

The beautiful Sherbet Daisy Flower Rug has been designed with your little fairy in mind. The rug carries on with the naturally handwoven circular design, what’s different with this rug is that it’s centered on one large woven circular natural center with different sized outer circles in three different colour variants giving it its daisy-like look.

This rug provides the ideal spot for hours of indoor play for your kids and we have found that it acts like the perfect dance stage. The Sherbet Daisy Flower Weave Natural Rug is ideal for your little girl’s bedroom and can fit in basically anywhere because of it’s natural texture, colour and design.

Armadillo & Co Rug
Sherbet Daisy Natural Weave Rug

Daisy Flower Weave Natural Rug

Dubbed as the little sister of the range from Armadillo & Co, the Daisy Flower Weave Rug follows a similar design to the Sherbet Daisy Rug but in an all natural tone and slightly smaller in diameter. It follows suit from the Camelia Flower Rug, with its natural texture being ideal for baby nurseries and kids bedrooms.

Armadillo & Co Rug
Daisy Flower Weave Rug

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