Storage Tips for kids bedrooms

Kids Bedroom Storage Tips

Most parents already know that homes, in general, are definitely short of storage, especially when it comes to kids bedroom storage. As soon as you think you have enough storage, enter the KIDS….Let’s face it; none of us were even remotely ready for the messiness that seems to trail behind a toddler, not to mention what teens are capable of!  Yes, that is just simply ALWAYS true. And should you be the lucky parent that got given an OCD child from the get go, then you are extremely lucky. So, let the fun begin with some great kids bedroom storage tips.

Use the space you don’t know you have

All kids’ bedrooms have beds right? Well, what are you doing with the space underneath? You can use this space for handy under beds when friends are sleeping over or you can add a storage drawer that allows a huge space for loose and small items such as lego, train pieces, puzzles etc.

Movable Toy Boxes

Toys are everywhere, so it’s a great idea to be able to move your toy storage along with you. Toy boxes on wheels are a great idea and help keep the clutter at bay. You can hunt down some trendy colourful plastic toy tubs at local plastic stores or try home stores. You can also use cotton baskets and grass woven baskets with lids or belly baskets for excellent toy storage. Ever thought of using laundry bins or recycle bins for toy storage- we love these colourful powder-coated toy storage bins from Pedersen & Lenard?

Different shelves for different folks

Shelving can be used in so many ways. But we often find ourselves wondering what is it exactly that we need? Well, books can go on an old fashioned bookshelf in which case you should make sure that your spacing between shelves should be at least 40cm or your books will have to lie horisontally. The problem we often have is that kids picture books are larger than usual which is when a clever book display shelf comes in really handy. Other smaller wall display shelves are perfect for displaying treasured items and little installations.

Alternatively, bigger shelves could be used for storing toys, books and other collectibles. Shelving is available with drawers, doors or all open shelves depending on your needs. Personally, I always think it’s a good idea to have some closed doors and drawers or cupboards to hold the more messy items.

To war with wardrobes or not?

Most houses in SA have built in cupboards which eliminates the need for wardrobes, although I really am a sucker for a beautiful wardrobe, especially if it stands on legs. If your room does not have wardrobes then you should look out for wardrobes that offer shelving as well as hanging space. Kids clothes especially are more easily stored in folded states but tends to allow for messiness to develop rather quickly. First prize is to have plenty of hanging space with several drawers for underwear and pants.

Let us know what storage issues you are having lately int he comments below!

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