Guest Blogger - Jani Steyn

Jani Steyn

For the last 5 years Jani Steyn has run, managed and organized children programs that include elements of yoga, art and color therapy, music and self-empowerment activities.  Her passion is to establish understanding and unification of emotions, thoughts, spirit and body.

Creativity, discipline, enthusiasm and an all-encompassing love for kids, wellness and health. These qualities leap out at you when meeting Jani Steyn, a yoga teacher, graphic design artist and photographer. She’s been involved in anything yoga since she was 16 and became qualified by doing her internationally recognized certificate in kids and adult yoga through Beaming Kids Yoga and the Moya Institute. Recently participating in a screen-printing course, she is in the process of completing her Advanced Reiki Accreditation through RASA.

Jani is a vibrant and creative artist dedicated to sharing a space of support, love and intuitive development with children. She facilitates creative growth in children and enriches their lives through play yoga, art and establishing a conscious connection to every living thing.

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