Investing in ‘me time’ as a mom

What is this elusive ‘me time’,  why is it so important and how do you achieve it when you are a mom? The short of it: it’s investing in yourself and allowing yourself to do more of what makes you come alive.

Waking to a crying child or a baby-kick in the face, then prepping breakfast and somewhere in between finding that lost school shoe, putting on your make-up and rushing out the door.
It’s often not before 8:30 pm when you collapse onto the couch, exhausted, that your mind wonders to your personal wellbeing.

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Making time for yourself can and should be a priority, regardless of your hectic mummy schedule. At the core of ‘me time’ is the ability to admit love for one-self. And this is often where this dilemma begins. To prioritize ‘me’ means to place my existence on a pedestal. It means to enter a mind space where you are worth investing in, where your body is worth respecting, where your mind is a safe space for you to find comfort. Having worked with hundreds of mums in a coaching capacity over the past 2 years, I can honestly say that whilst mummy guilt is real, investing in yourself instead of living a poured-out life, is for many, the catalyst for a happy home.

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Much of our lives are caught up in routine and we forget to prioritize the very things that make us happy; for some of us, we may not actually know (yet) what those things even are. I encourage my clients (personal coaching clients; corporate audiences that I speak to) to make time to get to know what makes them come alive. This act is a beautiful, simple way of organically adding more ‘me time’ to your mummy life. This simply starts with bringing awareness during the day to moments of happiness, and then to jot these down. Perhaps it’s listening to a podcast, a child’s laughter, reading a magazine, loud music in the car, watching a good series, having a bubble bath, playing on Pinterest, a dance class; the options are endless. 

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Knowing what feeds your soul (and how that differs to all those around you) makes it that much easier to turn off the TV in the evening and to make time for ‘you in your happy space’. By adding more of what makes you come alive (me time) to your life you’re likely to live a life that you love waking up to every morning rather than longing for a life you’ve seen through Instagram.

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