Healthy Snacks For Kids

Introducing Cocobean Cooks: Chocolate Crunch Bars

These healthy chocolate crunch bars are a real treat! 

My family absolutely loves healthy, wholesome food and I would love to share some of my tips and tricks for getting your kids to eat all of the food that is truly nourishing and delicious. I am a big believer in balance and that what we put into our bodies is what we will get out. That is why I am sharing my healthy and wholesome recipes with you, as I would love for everyone to have their happiest and healthiest bodies yet.

These chocolate bars are the best afternoon snack to reach for when you have a sugar craving as they are perfectly balanced between natural sweetness, crunchiness from the roasted flaked almonds, coconut and millet, the creamy peanut butter and the depth of the raw cacao. It is hard to resist eating them all, to be honest. Perfection in a bite. 

Healthy Snacks For Kids


I love making healthy treats for my family, then we can eat them at any time of the day and not feel bad about it. These chocolate bars are free from refined sugar, gluten, egg and dairy. If there ever was a healthy chocolate bar, this is it! 

I love getting my children involved in the kitchen as its special quality time together and they also learn so much about new flavours and textures, we even include maths in a fun way. I also find that if my kids helped to make the food, they are more inclined to eat it as they played a role in making it.

With only a few ingredients, minimal prep and no baking time, it’s a good idea to make these chocolate bars with your kids.
In fact, this recipe is so easy that your kids can probably make it themselves (depending on their age). 

You can roast the coconut and almonds while they mix all of the other ingredients in a bowl. Let them taste the difference between normal coconut and roasted coconut and it’s a perfect lesson where you can chat about how heat changes the flavour and texture of foods.

Get the full recipe here.

Healthy Snacks For Kids

Other than snacking on these delicious, healthy chocolate bars, the best part for kids (and adults) is licking the bowl! This recipe is perfectly safe for them to lick as there are no raw eggs or flours included. 


Clever Little Monkey editors note: We have tried this delicious recipe (more than once) and we love everything about it! From using less than 10 ingredients to guilt-free snacking and inducing happiness, these chocolate crunch bars are delectable. 


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