Indoor Play Ideas to Beat Holiday Boredom

Indoor play includes a wide range of games and toys that are suitable for quiet time. Whether rain is on the cards, or you are simply looking for ways to keep little ones occupied, finding ideas that are given the official nod of approval from your kids is no small feat.

To help you get a little closer to a calm house, we have put together a list of some of our most popular indoor play games and toys for kids of all ages.

Get Inspired by These Indoor Play Ideas

Weather not playing along? In need of a bit of peace and quiet? These indoor play ideas are sure to keep boredom at bay quickly.

Puzzles & Games

ABC Sorting Toy - Multi-Coloured
ABC Sorting Toy – Multi-Coloured

Puzzles and games are always a good way to get kids to sit still for a bit. To get the full benefit of puzzles and similar thinking games, look for age-appropriate games that are not too easy or too difficult. Chunky jigsaws and similar large puzzles are great for small kids, while complex games such as chess and Crazix are good for older kids.

Music Toys

Band In a Box Melissa & Doug
Band In a Box Melissa & Doug

Music toys are just as important as puzzles and similar problem-solving games. Music helps kids in every area of child development, giving them essential skills for school readiness. Key skills boosted through music include intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and literacy.

Play Houses

Colour House by Djeco

Play houses are a great way for kids to role play. Boys and girls alike will easily be able to spend a few hours creating imaginative games for their toys, in castles, mansions and other makebelieve houses. These can be as simple or ornate as you prefer.


Doorway Puppet Theatre
Doorway Puppet Theatre

Pretend play goes hand in hand with many of these games. Dress up, pretend kitchens, pretend shops, pretend schools and various other fantasy games offer many benefits on a thinking, social, emotional and language basis, making this type of play essential.


Bunni Petroleum Teepee
Bunni Petroleum Teepee

Teepees can be used for pretend play, play houses, dolls, teddies, picnics, sleepovers, forts, and just about any other type of game played indoors. They also add plenty of charm to your child’s bedroom or playroom, as an added benefit.

These toys and games may only buy you a few hours of calm time. But even a few hours can be enough during the busy school holidays! Browse our online store to find even more ideas for indoor play that is suitable for children of various ages and stages.




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