How to Teach Your Kids About Time Management

As with many of our parenting advice articles, you will notice we mention that parents should practice following their own advice before inspiring the little ones – that’s because children tend to unknowingly imitate the habits of their parents. Being in control of the time management within the family set-up will encourage your kids to be proactive in this regard.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania concludes that self-discipline — the driving engine behind time management — is a better predictor of adolescents’ academic performance than IQ (download the PDF).  Great Schools

Knowing how to spend your time, and spending it wisely is something that your children will most definitely thank you for in the long run.

Connect as a Family

Schedule time where you can connect and communicate as a family. Schedule these events in advance so that it’s a commitment that everyone should respect. This will encourage the entire family to manage their time in such a way that they won’t have distractions during this time. These sessions should encourage communication and would work best without the involvement of technology.

Morning and Night Routines

In order to establish good time management skills there needs to be some structure. Following a morning and night time routine will help the kids to understand the time limitations and how long it takes to complete certain tasks. Repeating these tasks on a daily basis will also help with discipline.

Track Their Timing

Many kids don’t necessarily understand the concept of time when it’s assigned to a task. Help them understand how long certain tasks take by tracking the time and their progress. This could become a game where they can try and beat their previous scores. Make a list of daily or weekly activities, chores and homework and help them allocate time to each of these. Track their progress on a chart where they’re able to see their progress.

Reward Their Progress

Another way to instill great time management skills from a young age, is by rewarding your kids’ progress. When assigning a task or chore, give them a certain time in which it needs to be completed, if they manage to complete the activity in that time frame they get an additional reward. This will teach your kids about productivity as well.

Try Being Their Coach

Many times kids might be reluctant to follow your guidance as a parent. Instead of telling them what to do, try to assist them in the process. Allow them to feel like learning time management is something that you are in together and it’s just about telling them what to do. Encourage and support them to set and reach their personal goals.

These are just some of the ways in which you can teach your kids about time management. As long as you don’t put too much pressure on these activities it should be something fun and engaging for the entire family.

We would love to hear what you do to manage time efficiently in your homes? Share your advice and tips in the comment section below.

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