How To Survive Your First Six Months of Motherhood

All I can say is to accept help when it is offered. When Elijah was born I was so deeply protective of him that I did not want anyone to touch him, I did not even trust his father! Life would have been so much more pleasant in those first few weeks if I had realized that other people could also look after my baby. We were so fortunate to have Darrell’s mother come down from Tanzania to help us in those first few weeks. She was amazing! Whenever I looked up there was a cup of tea and a scone next to me.

If anyone offers to come to stay with you please say yes! It makes such a difference. Also, know that your husband/partner does not want to actually harm your child and just wants you to have a break. And boy do you need a break. Because Elijah was premature and had some catching up to do, I was waking him up every two hours to breastfeed, during the night I would stretch it to three hours. I was so lucky that Darrell would do the midnight feed for me while he was still on leave. Everyone told us not to introduce a bottle with expressed breast milk until Elijah was over six weeks old or he would get nipple confusion but I just persevered and he was absolutely fine. I am not sure if I was just lucky or if that bit of knowledge is not true.

Also, try to get organized before your baby arrives. Stockpile lots of frozen meals so that that is not something you need to think of. And please make use of online shopping so that you do not have to rush out to the shop to buy more nappies.

One huge help for me was to have mama friends with babies the same age. We all shared our knowledge and were there when we needed to moan or just a shoulder to cry on.

The main thing to get you through the first six months is to know that it does get easier. And that this newborn baby phase goes so quickly before you know it your little one will be running around talking and you will miss them when he had tiny fingers and toes.

Do you have any words of wisdom of your own to share with all the new or expecting mama’s out there?





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